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Guest WiFi marketing for restaurants, cafes and hotels

Connect with your guests

We’re more connected than ever, so finding out who your customers are should be peanuts, right?

Since we’re not all Gates & Zuckerbergs, we took the lead and developed a smart solution for you.

Our advanced platform runs on your existing WiFi network and gives you the opportunity to collect valuable insights and interact with your audience on a next level.

Build your customer base

Get better reviews

Today's customers highly value what others have to say online. The world wide web is the ideal place to leave behind feedback and search for recommendations. It's time to start managing it.

Our tool tracks everything online, boosts positive reviews and gives you - hands down - the easiest way to manage and improve your online reputation.

Improve your rankings

Increase returning guests

You're close to finding out the secret of getting more return customers. Within our inventive platform, you can easily take actions that actively engages users with your brand and help you retain a high recall value as well as an equally high repeat visit rate.

Grow customer loyalty

Words from our

"Very satisfied with SpotOn! You can clearly see reviews. Our team clearly has added value for being able to switch quickly!" H32, Pierre Vink, owner

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Words from our

"Very friendly people at SpotOn, a nice working product. If every company worked that way, the world would be a lot happier. A+ for SpotOn" Bowling- en Partycentrum Maaspoort, Jan-Willem van Hoorn, manager

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Words from our

"De Watertuin has consciously chosen SpotOn for its usability and being leading in developing technologies in the field of WiFi Marketing." De Watertuin, Christine To, Manager

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Words from our

"Guests stream their favorite music while getting a tan, and we turn satisfied customers into returning customers. It’s a win-win for everyone!” Sunday’s, Roanne Hoving, Manager

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Turn happy customers into positive reviews