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User insights

User insights

User insights make optimizing your marketing strategies, online reputation and customer retention child’s play.

  • Personal details (name, contact info...)
  • User demographics (age, gender, location...)
  • Online behaviour (time spent online...)
All-in-One Dashboard

All-in-One Dashboard

Real-time graphs tell a clear story, which will help you to grow your business.

  • Easy to use interface
  • All data secured and encrypted
  • Detailed reports
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Supercharge your ad campaigns using the integrated Google Tag Manager

  • Combine store visits with online behavior
  • Enrich your web analytics
Presence Insights

Presence Insights

SpotOn Sense gives you real-time insights into how people behave while being on-site. Discover activity, patterns, interests and optimize your physical space.

  • Heat maps and footfall with highly accurate location pinpointing
  • Identify the number of people entering key areas
  • Identify congestion points or areas with low footfall
  • See if staff is available in real-time

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All tools under one roof

  • Online Reviews
    Online Reviews
    • Push positive reviews
    • Manage all online reviews
    • Measure guest sentiment
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  • Marketing
    • Mobile ads
    • Smart campaigns
    • Targeted promotions
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  • Guest Wifi
    Guest Wifi
    • Social login
    • Fast and secure wifi
    • Controlled wifi plan
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