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Simple and welcoming guest-WiFi

Simple and welcoming guest-WiFi

Make guests feel at home by offering multiple login methods to access super fast and secure WiFi.

Turn visitors into fans

Turn visitors into fans

Switch on the like, follow or check-in plugin to boost your social presence.

  • Numbers don’t lie; get 40% more Facebook likes in less than 3 months.
Grab their attention

Grab their attention

There is no need for print when you can simply show the latest news on your visitor’s device.

  • Redirect to your app, event timetable, deal of the day, or things to do nearby.
Controlled WiFi plan
Controlled WiFi plan

Controlled WiFi plan

Have the upper hand in the way visitors use your social WiFi.

  • Restrict time spent online
  • Control data usage
  • Set maximum speed per user

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All tools under one roof

  • Analytics
    • Unique user profiles
    • Insights on on-site behaviour
    • Detailed statistics and reports
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  • Online Reviews
    Online Reviews
    • Push positive reviews
    • Manage all online reviews
    • Measure guest sentiment
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  • Marketing
    • Mobile ads
    • Smart campaigns
    • Targeted promotions
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