Bowling- en Partycentrum Maaspoort

Together with SpotOn, Bowling and Party Center Maaspoort has already collected more than 13,000 unique customer profiles, which can be used for beautiful e-mails or vouchers. And that is exactly what the manager, Jan Willem van Hoorn, and his employees have done. Over the past two years, Maaspoort has sent several emails from its SpotOn account. And that has produced fantastic results.


More than 35,000

The e-mails sent have already been opened and viewed more than 35,000 (!) Times. This guarantees hundreds, if not thousands, of returning guests, who would like to come back for a game of bowling or have a nice party.

The nice birthday voucher that is sent automatically has also been redeemed more than 20 times by birthday guests.


Turn happy customers into positive reviews