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Direct Result is one of the largest face-to-face marketing agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium. From their 14 offices they recruit donors and members for charities, lotteries, broadcasters and other organisations. Over 1000 people are already employed by Direct Result.

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It’s a coming and going of people at the various offices of Direct Result; apart from the usual faces, new recruiters are being trained every week. “So how do I protect the internal network?” Large groups of young adults receive in-house training, are being prepared to be sent out and have a beer at the end off the day. Thanks to SpotOn they can freely use the social WiFi¬†in between all activities, while employees at the office can safely conduct their business on the private-network.

In addition, employees can follow online training. The sharing of relevant information has been simplified and everybody receives a nice voucher on his or her birthday automatically.

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