Brasserie Down Town Dordrecht

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    wifi users per month

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    visitors reached with an email

Since the wifi is connected in the beautiful Brasserie Down Town Dordrecht, more than 150 guests log in to the free wifi per month. This has created a huge reach for the brasserie, because all these guests automatically leave their email address, which Down Town can use for their newsletters and other emails, which they send every month from the SpotOn dashboard.


Huge email reach

Due to the large number of e-mail addresses that Brasserie Down Town Dordrecht has collected with the Wi-Fi, it can reach a large part of Dordrecht and its surroundings with e-mails and vouchers, with subjects such as a Christmas promotion and fun discounts and festivities. The emails are opened more than a thousand times on average and guarantee returning visitors.


Turn happy customers into positive reviews