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  • 3 Important questions on email validation

    email validation

    A few years ago, at the dawn of instant messaging (and social media in general), a lot of people thought email messaging would be made obsolete. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Email has, in the face of severe odds, stood the test of time and has gone toe to toe with social media. continue reading...

  • Engaging on-site customers through WiFi marketing

    wifi marketing

    You are probably reading this article from a smart mobile device. A few years ago, you would have had to pay a significant sum of money to do the same thing for a few minutes or an hour. Accessing the internet from anywhere using almost any device that has a screen is now commonplace.In our pres continue reading...

  • 5 positive ways to handle a negative review

    online reviews

    Online reviews The internet is an amazing tool. It gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to millions of prospective customers. It provides platforms for customers to come in contact with products/services, purchase and review them. And that last part is where it can get really good or reall continue reading...

  • 4 simple ways to get positive online reviews on Tripadvisor

    online reviews

    Review sites have slowly, but surely, become an indispensable tool to many brick n’ mortar businesses, especially restaurants. Increasingly, people are relying on review sites such as Tripadvisor, Google and Yelp to make decisions as to which restaurant to dine at. This makes having positive onlin continue reading...

  • Restaurant WiFi

    restaurant wifi

    Restaurant WiFi It’s not uncommon to see restaurant marketers floundering in their efforts to acquire customer information, in a bid to learn more about them. More often than not, they find themselves with scarce resources and without proper tools garner useful data. For these marketers, this dat continue reading...

  • 3 things WiFi analytics can tell you about your customers

    wifi analytics

    WiFi analytics For years, since the advent of e-commerce, brick n’ mortar businesses have struggled in the area of acquiring customer information. Online businesses have always had the upper hand owing to the internet which serves as an excellent platform for this purpose. However, all that is ch continue reading...

  • Hospitality WiFi, WiFi Marketing & Analytics

    hospitality wifi

    Hospitality WiFi: WiFi marketing and its benefits to hotels In every industry that exists, there is always fierce competition going on between players in the industry. The hospitality industry is no exception. Marketers at the small players in the industry saddle the huge responsibility of increasi continue reading...

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