Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Wi-Fi Marketing & Analytics Software

WiFi WiFi

Technology is changing the retail business landscape.

If you haven’t realized how powerful Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software are, then you are missing out.

Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software can help you collect invaluable customers’ data. Data that can help you understand your customers better and provide better products/services.

Learn 3 thing Wi-Fi analytics can tell you about your customers. Investing in this tool is an excellent way to spend your marketing dollars.

But the question is do you know the one that is right for you?

Not all Wi-Fi marketing and analytics software are created equal. They all have their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the type of business you run.

In this article you will learn how to choose which in is best for your business. You will do this by using the measures we have outlined herein.

Know the Software In And Out

Know everything there is to know about the software.

Or at least as much as you can.

Features make up a product. A product with poor or unhelpful features is a poor product. And so, do well to thoroughly go through all the features of the Wi-Fi marketing and analytics software.

There is one basic feature a Wi-Fi marketing and analytics platform should have. And that is the ability to collect customer data, especially without the need for your customers to sign in to the software.

Granted, one of the biggest reasons many retail businesses get Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software is to offer free Wi-Fi to their guests.

However, there are products out in the market that have features that can pick up customer data without them logging in. And also avail you the option to request data for free Wi-Fi.

But that’s not all.

There are some other features that Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software should have. These features are in addition to the basic feature explained above.

Analytics features.

They include tracking:

  • In-store traffic and pedestrian traffic.
  • How long visitors stay in store.
  • Traffic at different times of the day.
  • What part of the store has the highest traffic.
  • Comparing data from more than one store location.
  • How many customers are participating in loyalty programs.
  • Number of first-time visitor per specified period (day, week, or month).
  • Rate of first timers’ return.
  • Churn rate.
  • Conversion rate.

Marketing features.

For the marketing capabilities, it should be able to:

  •  Implement targeted marketing campaigns.
  •  Create buyer personas.
  •  Monitor and improve customer loyalty metrics.
  •  Communicate with your visitors using multiple channels.
  •  Design and redesign the look and feel of your captive portal.
  •  Display ads, discounts, offers, coupons, specials;
  •  Live-track the progress of your marketing campaigns.


The product should also give you the power to handle customers’ reviews. Customer review is a vital factor for business success, and can also be a cause of downfall.

First, the software should be able to automatically send messages to your guests to ask for a review of their experience with your business. Then you want to be able to separate negative feedback from positive feedback and send them to different places.

For instance, negative reviews would be sent to your support team to be handled quickly and discreetly. While positive reviews would be sent to online review platforms.

Read 5 positive ways to handle a negative review to learn how to take care of bad reviews.

Ease of Set Up, Integration, And Management

This is another vital component you should look out for. Because what is the use of all the aforementioned features if it’s difficult to set it up?

A good company would make its product easy for the user (which in this case is you) to be able to set up, integrate, and manage the product.

If you already offer free Wi-Fi but need to include analytics software to your setup, you’d need to change your router.

You want a company that would integrate these features with your current system without hassles or hiccups. They should also provide solutions to issues such as outages and connection glitches.

Basically, a company that provides front-end and back-end support services without any hurdles to jump.

The Brains behind the Product

How well do you know the company that built the software?

Two things make up a great product – financial resources and human resources. And by human resources we mean the people behind the product.

First, you should be sure that the company is built to last.

Look at their structure, their vision, the pedigree of the top personnel, their source of funding, and many more. It would be a shame to invest in a product of a company that folds up two weeks after.

Next, you need to look at the mind-set behind the product.

Are they progressive in their thinking? Are they constantly seeking newer, more innovative methods to solve common problems? Do you they have an upgrade schedule i.e. plans for periodic upgrade of the software?

You can tell through their communications such as online content, email newsletter, push notifications, and software history, etc.

For instance, when last was the software upgraded? This is a good pointer as to how often it is upgraded.

Try Them On For Size

After all is said and done, more is said than done.

This should not be your case. Do not stay stuck in just researching the product features and company.

Take the next step and try them all till you find the product that suits you perfectly. After all, before you buy a car you must test-drive it.

There are a lot of companies coming into the Wi-Fi marketing sphere because it profitable. But they will all not keep their promise.

So you must be able to distinguish the credible companies from the wannabes by testing them out. You can go so far as to speak with the company’s staff or representatives to ask questions to have a feel of how they think and treat their prospects.


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