3 things WiFi analytics can tell you about your customers

wifi analytics

WiFi analytics

For years, since the advent of e-commerce, brick n’ mortar businesses have struggled in the area of acquiring customer information. Online businesses have always had the upper hand owing to the internet which serves as an excellent platform for this purpose. However, all that is changing now, thanks to WiFi analytics. WiFi analytics systems provide a way to organize and interpret customer data collected through guest WiFi, making them a very powerful tool in the right hands. Knowing customer behavior: who they are and what they want, is the key to creating the ‘perfect’ product or service and leveraging WiFi analytics tools is the best way to go about this.

If you run a restaurant or hotel, organized customer data from WiFi analytics will allow you compare and contrast different locations to see which ones are performing well and why. With this, you can then replicate whatever practices are responsible for the success of one location in other locations to get the same result. In the case of a restaurant, WiFi analytics will enable you know what meals or drink sell the most, the best arrangement of tables, number of staffs needed, the busiest time of the day/month/year, etc. by analyzing data collected from within the restaurant.

There are three major things WiFi analytics can tell you about your customers:

  1. Customer behavior

    Without going into too many technical details, guest WiFi combined with WiFi sensor technology can recognize when a WiFi enabled mobile device enters its range. It then tracks it to know the location of the device within the premises. The number of devices that enters its range are recorded and are used to know the number of people that came through your business. In addition to that, the WiFi analytics would show not just the number of foot traffic you had, but also how many went through without stopping by, how many of them are first-timers, how many first-timers come through daily, how many are old-timers, how frequently they visit, how long they stick around etc. WiFi analytics can also tell you where every visitor spent their time in your business, how many spots in your business they visited, the pattern of their movement (whether direct or haphazard), etc. With this information you can deduce if there’s a peculiar movement pattern exhibited by your visitors and how consistent the pattern is.

  2. Who your customers are

    Everyone loves something for nothing, and in this modern world free WiFi is like oxygen. If you offer free customer WiFi, you can be certain that visitors will connect to it. And when they do, you can glean information more specific than just foot traffic. You can learn their names, email addresses, mobile numbers, age, sex, the language they speak, what kind of device they use etc. Information like these are important to crafting marketing campaigns that have near surgical precision, as you can create messages specifically tailored to a particular group. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  3. How they use your customer WiFi

    As mentioned before, visitors will log on to your WiFi, especially when it’s free. Then WiFi analytics will enable you to see what pages they visit, how long they spend on any particular page, what items they view online, how many uploads or downloads are done, what log-in procedure is most preferred etc.

WiFi tracking provides a steady stream of data

Customer WiFi in combination with WiFi sensor technology and WiFi analytics provides a steady flow of data by gleaning foot traffic, customer profile and demographics. It’s an indispensable tool that can be used to capture customer behavior accurately in real time. This valuable data can help business improve customer satisfaction and, of course, increase profits. Especially when online reviews and marketing tools are connected to the very same platform. Automate your online reviews and marketing with data that’s also automatically gathered.

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