7 Proven Methods to Boost Your Restaurant Growth with Mobile Technology

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Do you want to boost your restaurant growth?

Are you currently trying many schemes, tools, and strategies? Have you thrown money and bodies at it without getting much in return?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you are not alone.

Every year, thousands of restaurants spend several thousand or even millions of dollars to boost growth. Of this number, only a handful of them get actual results.


Because many fail to observe the technological trend and see the growth-boosting potential it holds. One of such technology is the mobile technology.

Did you know that there 60 million people searching for restaurants on their mobile phone at any given moment? Did you also know 85% of those people would visit the restaurants they found through their online search within 8 hours?

That is a staggering number of potential customers waiting to be had. The truth is mobile technology will continue to grow. And if your business isn’t investing in mobile technology, you are already losing.

A few businesses are breaking grounds by investing in mobile technology. They have mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps and everything in between. With these they have not only grown their customer base; they have built channels that foster loyalty.

In this article, you will learn how to use mobile technology to boost growth in your restaurant. Read this article to know how social Wi-Fi can help your restaurant: Restaurant Wi-Fi.

  1. Increase Visibility

No matter how great your restaurant is, if no one sees it, it’s as good as it being non-existent.

In our present world, online visibility is of grave importance. You can use mobile technology to boost growth by creating an online presence that is accessible through mobile devices like tabs, phablets, iPhones, etc.

You should make sure your website loads correctly and is visually appealing on all these mobile devices.

Next, you should enlist your website on web directories. Most of your potential customers would go to a directory first. And so, putting your restaurant/diner on as many directories as you can find would help you stand you out of the crowd.

  1. Get a Mobile App

A website and a mobile app? Isn’t that overkill? No, it is not.

Having a mobile app not only gives you more data to use but also gives your customers flexibility. A mobile app puts your business right in the hands of your customer without them having to visit your website through a browser.

You could easily send push notifications or showcase your new recipes, vouchers, daily menu, and more on your app.

  1. Beautify or Enhance Your Menus and Photos Digitally

In the online world, appearance packs a punch.

As a restaurant, you should have your menus digitally enhanced to perfection. Softwares such as Photoshop and CorelDraw would do the trick if you know how to use them right.

Your menu should be designed with dashing colours and the photos of your meals should be shot with a hi-tech camera with proper lighting.

Crisp photos of your meals would help your restaurant stand out from the pack and also improve your brand image.

  1. Offer In-App Meal Ordering

This is a no-brainer for your restaurant if you already have a mobile app.

Since you have your menu displayed on your app, offering in-app meal ordering will make it easy for your customers to do business with you. This would also help decongest your restaurant if you have a small dining area that can’t accommodate too many people at one time.

Your customers would be glad to save time and energy while still enjoying your lip-smacking dishes, all with a few screen taps.

  1. Online Table Reservations

Even with mobile ordering, there are some of your customers that would want to eat at your restaurant.

Having a table reservation feature on your app will go a long way to improving your customer experience. Your mobile app could allow your customers to make table reservation for X number of people at X time.

Through your app they can also see if there are any reservations available or know how long they need to wait for one to be made available.

This way, there would be no cases of reservation dates or time clashes.

  1. Push Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are great.

When done properly they can have a profound impact on the bottom line of your business. However, their impact can be affected by the channel used to run them.

Websites are good but loyalty programs run on mobile technology have a much higher rate of adoption.

This is simply because people take their phones with them everywhere they go, making it easy for them to engage with your program.

Use your mobile app to promote your loyalty program. You can include digital loyalty cards or promo codes that can be applied during in-app purchases.

  1. To Collect Valuable Customer Data

Mobile technology is an excellent data magnet.

When you offer convenience and ease through mobile technology (like apps) your customers would be more than glad to give you their data. With these, you can know what your customers want and improve your recipes and food services.

Learn what kind of information you can collect using social Wi-Fi in this article 3 things Wi-Fi analytics can tell you about your customers. You can also use the data to find out what’s not working and make the appropriate changes immediately.


       8. Better Communication with Customers

Communication is at the centre of your relationship with your customers. And mobile technology makes it easy for you to keep in touch with your customers.

Using mobile tech such as mobile apps or SMS, you can reach your customers instantly and get your message across. You can quickly send daily specials without being worried if your customers will see your offer on time.

Push notifications on apps and text messaging keep your message short and concise. This saves your customers’ time and lets them know right away what you want them to do.


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