4 Ways to Drive Sales Through Wi-Fi Location Analytics

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Did you know that can boost your ROI with your social Wi-Fi using location analytics?

Now you do.

It is common knowledge that without traffic no business can survive, both online and offline. For brick n’ mortar businesses foot traffic in and around the premises is very important to the bottom line of the establishment.

However, foot traffic is completely useless if marketers and business owners cannot find answers to questions like:

  1. What attracts visitors?
  2. Why do they stay instead of going to the competition?
  3. How can they be made loyal, to keep coming back?
  4. What questions, concerns or opinions do they have about the product or service?

The answers to these questions are right in front of business owners but they may be unable to get it, unless of course they use Wi-Fi location analytics.

If you only offer free social Wi-Fi service, you are missing out on the full potential of the foot traffic you get. Sure you may get an increase in sales because you offer free Wi-Fi but there’s so much more you are missing out on.

There are ‘intelligent’ social Wi-Fi solutions (like SpotOn Wi-Fi) that can collect, organize, analyze and interpret raw, real time data from a particular business location.

Data such as what time of the week you have the most visits, the average foot traffic per day, what the customers buy the most, how much cash each visitor spends on shopping, how long they stay in your place of business, how many times a week they return to shop, and so much more.

This information can easily be gathered using a social Wi-Fi location analytics.

Wi-Fi location analytics is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that every offline business should have. Information gathered using social Wi-Fi location analytics would make your marketing expenditure worth every penny.

The same could be used to build customer personas or profiles. You can in turn drive ROI using these customers’ profile.

In addition, the best thing about location Wi-Fi location analytics is that your visitors don’t even need to log into the Wi-Fi network for you to collect data. As customers walk through your place of business with a smart device, the application does the rest.

Using location analytics, you can design marketing campaigns for specific locations which makes it efficient, cost effective, and lucrative.

Thinking about using Wi-Fi location analytics to drive sales up? Here are 4 ways this tool can help you achieve that:

  1. You can know what drives visitors using location analytics

Without location analytics it can be difficult to tell what is driving foot traffic to your location.

It also difficult to know how many new or returning visitors you get daily and what’s attracting them. This is especially difficult after a marketing campaign. The best you can do is to make educated guesses.

However, educated guesses can only go so far and do so much.

Using Wi-Fi location analytics you can effectively measure the results or impact of your marketing campaigns. You can know what messages visitors respond to and those they don’t respond to.

Wi-Fi location analytics can also show you what part of your business premises has the most foot traffic. You can effectively create a marketing campaign that will have the exact effect you want.

This way you’d know what aspects of your business are bringing your visitors thereby, knowing exactly what to spend your revenue on.

  1. You can know what brings your customers back using location analytics

It is crucial to know what kind of traffic you are having at every given point in time.

Location analytics helps you tell your visitors apart, those who are first-timers and those who are returning customers. This can help you create a marketing campaign targeting returning customers specifically.

Doing this will enable you identify what message resonates with your returning customers, and will cause you to continue to spend money on generating only these kinds of messages.

As you may already know, businesses are sustained by loyal customers. Here are 3 ways to get customers to buy again.

  1. You can fine-tune and improve your marketing campaign messages

Using the real-time data collected through location analytics you can tell precisely the kind of visitors that make up your everyday traffic.

You can tell an increase, decrease, or stability in first-timers and returning customers.

And so, you can run a test marketing campaign to see what kind of messages your customers respond to the most by observing the resultant effect in the visitor traffic stats.

Knowing what your visitors want to hear will cause you to improve upon your message with every marketing campaign.

  1. You can improve your offering using data from Wi-Fi location analytics

As you fine-tune your marketing messages with data collected through Wi-Fi analytics, you also get to notice what offers trigger the most positive responses.

In the same way, you could successfully introduce new offers based on the data gathered from your last offers. With Wi-Fi location analytics you no longer need to run a hit and miss system.

Knowing exactly what offers your customers like helps to eliminate wastes. And significantly improves profits in the long-term.


  1. You Can Tell How Long Customers Are Staying In Your Store

You want to know how long your customers are spending in your store. Because it will help you understand your customers’ in-store behavior better.

With Wi-Fi location analytics you can.

Wi-Fi location analytics can tell you how long your customers are spend before they make purchase or leave without buying anything. This data could be used evaluate the efficiency of your store layout.

With it, you can decide if you should change your store layout or leave it as it is.

You can also use the information to know how best to position your newest or hottest products. So as to make it easy for customers to locate them. This will help you improve sales and ultimately, profit.

If location analytics reveals too much stay-time, it could indicate that customers are wandering aimlessly. This may mean that they aren’t getting what they want or are having a hard time finding it.

Try to divide your store into sections with each section having a different product. This will aid the free flow of foot traffic inside your store thereby improving customer experience.

You want to also make sure your in-store ads/labels are short, concise, attractive, and easy to understand.

  1. You can use location analytics to Assess the overall performance of your store

One way to look at this is using location analytics to evaluate your sales and profits. This could be in relation to how well your store space is performing.

Another way to assess your store performance is to evaluate your customer reviews. What you want to look for is the type complaints your customers are making about your store. This is why it is important to ask for customer feedback regularly.

An analysis of the complaints will give you an idea of what you need to change. This will ensure that your customers will always have a pleasant experience shopping with you. In return, you will see your profits improve as customers will return and spend more.

Gaining rich insight into your customers is only possible when you have real-time, factual and reliable data. This kind of data can only be gleaned using social Wi-Fi location analytics. Having this tool will ensure that your marketing campaigns are achieving the intended objective.

And will also drive up profits in the long run.

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