3 Key Benefits of Wi-Fi Marketing For Retail Businesses

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Customer data is crucial to every business – both large and small. In a fast changing world, understanding your customers has never been more important than it is now. It also has never been easier for small and medium sized businesses than it is today.

A few years ago, only large corporations and online companies had the resources to gather large amounts of customer data. Smaller companies were left in the dust and had to guess their way to success.

But all that changed when Wi-Fi technology came on the scene. Now, thanks to Wi-Fi tech, small and medium sized offline companies can now gather ample customer data and run more effective marketing campaigns.

And the best part?

Collecting customer data using Wi-Fi marketing and analytics tools is totally free. I mean, you could literally gather large amounts of customer data without spending a single dollar – except the money for initial setup.

Wi-Fi marketing and analytics tools also serve as a platform for staying in touch with your customers. Plus, it streamlines your marketing campaigns to target customers within your immediate environment (think, location marketing).

SpotOn Wi-Fi doesn’t just cut down your marketing budget; it improves your relationship with your customers by providing a platform for engagement, connectivity, and collection of customer insight.

Let take a little dive into 3 key benefits of using Wi-Fi marketing tools:

  1. Enhances Your Customer Experience

Nearly every one of your customers wants to come to your business premises to access the internet through your social Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi marketing tools not only provide fast and secure internet access; they make it an easy process through splash pages.

Your splash page will be designed with your brand logo and colours, and will provide your customer multiple log-in options to choose from. Read our article on how to maximize your Wi-Fi login page to learn more.

An easy, fast, and secure internet connection improves your customer experience. With your splash page, you can promote your latest products or services to every visitor that logs into your Wi-Fi network.

  1. Provides Customer Data, Analytics, And Insights

One of the core benefits of Wi-Fi marketing tools is their ability to help you gather valuable customer data. Wi-Fi platforms like SpotOn Wi-Fi allows you collect customer data like age, gender, social media activities, store visit frequency, spend per visit, most frequently bought item, etc. and store them safely for later use.

The stored data is easily accessible from anywhere as it is saved in a cloud-based system.

Customer data is displayed using an intuitive dashboard that organizes and presents them in formats that are easy to understand such as graphs, charts, and tables. This way, they can easily be interpreted by anyone on your team.

With this data, your marketing team can design strategies ranging from store layout to loyalty programs and email communications. As you may already know, the more customer data and insight you have, the better and more effective your marketing will be.

  1. Fosters Customer Engagement

Using data you have collected from your customers, you can design marketing communications that will better suit their needs and personalities. Since you know your customers better, your messages will be more personalized and will reflect your understanding of their desires.

Personalization is made better by customer segmentation. Separating your customers into different groups will improve your email or mobile marketing results.

For instance, if have all your loyal customers in one group, you can design a loyalty program and offer exclusive deals easily. So also, if you have churning or dormant customers in a separate segment, you can come up with offers that will entice them to come back and buy from you.

Moreover, through your splash page, you can increase engagement on social media. You do this by providing social media as a login option on your splash page and encouraging customers to like and share your business online.

This not only increases social media engagement; it also improves brand awareness.

What Kind Of Businesses Should Use Wi-Fi Marketing Tools?

Simple answer – every brick n’ mortar business in the world!

Every offline business could use some customer data to reap greater value from their marketing efforts. Businesses without adequate customer insight go through their day guessing what their customers might want next.

They can’t catch trends until it’s too late. They can’t tell how many customers come in from their marketing campaigns or how many first-time customers they get per day. It’s almost like putting on a blindfold and flying a plane.

Any business that wants to spend less and get more from their marketing budget should have a Wi-Fi marketing and analytics platform set up in their place of business. It is currently the most effective, efficient, and cost-cutting way to gather customer data and insight.

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