6 Ways to Get Personalized Emailing Done In A Short Time

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Does email personalization ever seem like too much work? That’s because it is a lot of work. Collecting customer live emails and building a list is already a herculean task on its own, especially when you don’t use a Wi-Fi analytics & marketing platform. Using Wi-Fi analytics softwares like SpotOn Wi-Fi makes this task a lot easier.

When you use Wi-Fi analytics softwares you will collect other information, including age, gender, social status, location, educational level, income level, social media handle, and more. This information gives you a great deal of knowledge about your customers.

With all that data you can create robust email segments, separating your customers into unique groups. Now you have to send personalized emails to every one of them and thinking about it is overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. We have outlined 6 practical ways you can get personalized emailing done in a short time.

  1. Make Use Of Email Templates

Templates make it easy for us to do certain things easily, without having to start from scratch. Email templates serve the same function. You should look for an email system that gives you the ability to build a single template and at the same time let you send as many emails as you have customers.

If you use a pretty robust emailing platform, you would be able to use a token or database field for a name. The system will replace every token with an email address allowing you to send as many messages as you want to, at the same time personalizing them.

Emails with personalized subject lines stand a higher chance of being opened and read than one without. They also have a higher conversion rate.

  1. Laud Your Customers’ Anniversary

Do you know how many loyal customers you have got and how long they have been doing business with you? This information is important and I will tell you why. Customers love to be recognized for their consistent interaction with your brand.

More than a few studies have revealed that over 50% of customers like their favourite store or restaurant remembers how long they have been with them.

And so, what you need to do is to craft an anniversary email detailing your appreciation for their loyalty. This email should be sent to those customers who have been coming for 6 months and above, regularly.

You can also toss in a small discount on their next purchase. See How To Use Coupons To Draw Customers: 4 Important Factors To Consider.

  1. Celebrate Customers’ Birthdays

People are emotional about their birthdays. Your customers, too. Their emotions go through the roof when they receive a warm birthday message from their favourite store or restaurant. I personally have become more loyal to a brand that sends me messages every year on my birthday.

Seeing this is the case, you should collect data on the birth dates of your customers and automate a lovely message to be sent to them on their birthdays. Research has shown that people open birthday emails 200 times more than they would regular emails.

  1. Send Emails With Personalized Images

With a little graphic design skill and some creativity, you could create a custom image to send in an email to your loyal customers. It could be his/her name or work title. For example, if your customer is an engineer, you could send a nice gif of a person in an engineer’s outfit.

This may sound cheesy but it will go a long way to show your customers that you value their hustle or hard work. Making your emails more relevant using personalised images increases the chances that your customers will interact with them.

This should not be done too often so that it doesn’t get boring.

  1. Use Their Name Twice In One Email

“My name is Moto Moto… It’s so nice, you say it twice.” That is a line from the animation Penguins of Madagascar spoken by a hippopotamus character. You should make your customers feel that good about themselves by mentioning their names twice in your emails.

Scientists have proven that people love to hear or see their names. And so, using their names twice in an email creates a strong bond between you and them. It should be used once at the beginning of the email (salutation), and then somewhere in the body.

Be sure not to overdo this, as it would come off as creepy or annoying.

  1. Make Use Of Automated Trigger Emails

Technology has made it easy so that you do not have to sit and crank out emails every few hours. Automated trigger emails are pre-set to send emails based on certain instances or occurrences.

For instance, if a customer doesn’t visit for up to 2 months, that will trigger an automated email to be sent inviting the customer back. Research has shown that automated trigger emails have an open rate of 152%.

You can use this to recover churning customers or even create lifelong ones. You can pre-set all these emails and their parameters and let the system run automatically. This will avail you time to focus on other important aspects of your business such as analysing data from your Wi-Fi analytics and marketing platform.

Wi-Fi analytics and marketing softwares like SpotOn Wi-Fi makes collection of customer data a walk in the park. You can integrate the data seamlessly with your email system to allow you send personalized emails to your customers.

Don’t miss out on valuable data that can improve brand loyalty and drive sales, get SpotOn Wi-Fi today. For more information, please contact us and let’s get you started.



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