The use of WiFi marketing and analytics to drive profits and improve marketing results

customer wifi analytics

Reliable data is the oxygen that sustains the flame of every successful marketing effort. And brick n’ mortar businesses can acquire this data through customer WiFi analytics, to be used for marketing campaigns. For years, online businesses have had the upper hand when it comes to getting valuable customer data. However, customer WiFi analytics have turned the tables and have given brick n’ mortar businesses a competitive edge. Even without external help, offline businesses now have access to reliable data that allows them understand customer behavior.

Thanks to technology, anyone can easily understand and interpret the numbers, charts, and all other metrics used to measure customer data from guest WiFi analytics. By understanding three major parameters of WiFi analytics, marketers can measure the impact of all their marketing efforts. The parameters are: customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention.
These parameters are three stages in a cycle that happens in every business, from when a customer walks into your business, till when they leave. Let’s look at these parameters individually:

Customers Acquisition

This is the first stage of every business. And by ‘business’ we are referring to the exchange of product/service for cash. The success of any business depends on this parameter because without new customers, a business cannot grow.

Utilizing data from customer WiFi analytics, marketers can tell how many new customers walk through the front door every day. This increase in new customers is indicative of an effective marketing campaign. With this kind of data, marketers know what kind of marketing strategy is effective for bringing in new customers and those that are not.

Customer Engagement

This is the second stage and a critical parameter as well. After getting new customers, marketers would want to know how often the customers return, how much time they spend when they visit, how much they spend when they do, what time of the day/week/month they visit and how frequently this happens.

Data from customer WiFi analytics reveal these patterns and more. Thus, allowing marketers to understand customer behavior. This, in turn, will help marketers to create the right message based on what the analytics is showing at any point in time. They can also observe the direct impact of that message on the customer engagement.

Customer Retention

This is the third parameter and the third stage of the business cycle. Businesses grow with new customers and are sustained by repeat customers. To ensure this sustainability, marketers need to put systems in place to keep the newly engaged customers doing business with them again and again.

But to accurately ascertain what system would effectively retain newly engaged customers coming back, marketers would need to rely on the day-to-day information collected from customer WiFi. This information will allow marketers to design marketing programs that will help cement the loyalty of repeat customers. This can also help to identify and secure ‘risk’ customers, i.e. customers who may likely take their business somewhere else.

Easy all-in-one platform

Seeing the effects of all marketing efforts, marketers can now tweak their plans to suit every situation until they have achieved their marketing objectives. The ability to understand and use customer WiFi analytics efficiently, remains a tool that marketers can use to shape their marketing campaigns for the three stages.

An easy way to monitor, use and benefit from the gain of these systems, is by implementing ‘Social WiFi’. This offers your guests free WiFi, in return for details like date of birth and their e-mail address. This system is connected to a platform (dashboard) that gives  you access to analytics, (automated) marketing,  WiFi management and online reviewmanagement. The best part of all this?  You don’t have to be a techie to understand how it works. The entire system is plug&play and very easy to use.

You’re just a few mouse-clicks away from discovering Social WiFi’s huge potential. In just 30 minutes of your time, we’ll show you what the future of you business could look like, for free.

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