Do You Run A Spa Or Salon? Here Are 5 Ways to Use Wi-Fi Marketing To Boost Your Business

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Spas and Salons are lucrative businesses and that’s without a doubt. Why?

Because they offer services that are in high demand.

However, regardless of how high the demand is, you need to improve the experience of your customers. Outstanding customer experience is a major ingredient for a successful Spa or Salon business. You want to train your staff to be friendly and courteous towards your customer and also provide a calm environment.

But guess what?

Most of your competitors are already doing these things. And so the question is: How do you stay ahead of the competition and increase your market share?

The answer is – Wi-Fi marketing.

Having a guest Wi-Fi in your Spa or salon can dramatically increase engagement and improve customer experience. It can as well help reduce churn and encourage customers to become evangelists for your brand.

Here are 5 ways Wi-Fi can help boost your Spa and salon business:

  1. Help Your Staff Better Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Every customer’s need is different.

You may offer a particular set of beauty service, but have customers who come in and request for something different.

The trouble starts when your customers begin to find it hard to explain what they want to your staff.

For instance:

Let’s say, you manage a hair salon and a customer comes in and asks for a hairstyle that’s different from the norm. Your stylist may have a hard time understanding what the customer wants.

Ultimately, this can lead to a bad customer experience.

However, if you have got guest Wi-Fi network, you customer can simply connect to the internet and pull out a picture of what they want. On the other hand, your stylist can use the company tab to access the internet to find examples of what the customer wants.

Either way, your customer gets what they want and will love your brand for it.

  1. Make Customers More Patient

Customers generally do not like to be kept waiting. And even in situations that require them to wait for a few minutes can make your customers uncomfortable and itching to leave.

The solution?

Guest Wi-Fi!

Offering free Wi-Fi can make your customers wait more patiently for your service. Since people love to spend time on their phones, the availability of Wi-Fi makes it the perfect way customers can distract themselves.

Most Spa and salons have TV sets in their waiting rooms to keep customers entertained while they wait. However, most visitors spend more time looking at their phone screens than watching TV. For one, they may not like the program being broadcast or may want to use the time to catch up with friends online.

In either case, wait times feel a lot shorter when you are online. And that applies to your customers, too. In truth, customers won’t even mind waiting if you’ve got Wi-Fi they can use to watch cat videos online.

  1. Build Your Email List

Guest Wi-Fi is one effective way brick n’ mortar businesses can use to build an email list.

While online businesses can easily build their email list, offline businesses have to rely on tedious scheme to get customers to give up their details.

However, guest Wi-Fi provides the right incentive for your customers to surrender their email addresses on autopilot.

All you need to do to collect email addresses from your customers is to have them signup with it on your splash page. Have them register to use your Wi-Fi network with their email addresses and give you permission to send them brand-related information.

This can be done using a signup form (or captive portal) with a ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ input tab.

  1. Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Generating content and engagement for social media is unequivocally hard.

Fortunately, you can get your customers to generate content for your social media page without you doing much. Guest Wi-Fi can help you achieve this easily.

Here’s how:

When your customers come in for a hairdo or a massage, you can urge them to take pictures and post it online. They could take pictures of themselves in their new look or getting pampered and share with their friends on their social media.

You can encourage them to post the photos on their walls and tag your brand with a hashtag in the process.

In fact, you can make it interesting by rewarding customers with the highest number of posts or best selfies. Additionally, you can create a contest online for your customers to compete against themselves for who’s posted the most photos related to your brand.

Just play around with it. You can come up with creative ways to get your customers to generate content and engagement for you.

  1. Help You Learn More About Your Customers

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of offering guest Wi-Fi.

Unlike online businesses, offline businesses have no efficient way to gather adequate data from their customers. Well, that was until Wi-Fi marketing came along.

You can integrate Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software to your guest Wi-Fi network to give it some special powers. These special powers include the ability to collect valuable information. Information such as:

  • The number of customers that come in per month.
  • How long they stayed per visit.
  • How much they spend on each visit.
  • How often they visit.
  • What time of the week/month you have the most customer visits.
  • And much more…

Having this kind of data at your fingertips will help you make more informed business decisions. With accurate customer data, you will boost your ROI from your marketing efforts because you understand your customers better.

Here you learn 5 major insights Wi-Fi analytics can give you about your customers.

There are tons of Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software out there, but very few like SpotOn Wi-Fi. SpotOn Wi-Fi integrates smoothly with your guest Wi-Fi network and helps you collect precious customer data that can save thousands of dollars in marketing.

In fact, SpotOn Wi-Fi collects customer data in real-time and on autopilot without any effort on your part. This data is stored with cloud tech and is accessible from anywhere using just your smart device.

Furthermore, the information gathered is represented on a robust dashboard in formats that make them easy to interpret. You can request a demo to see how it works.

You could use some customer data to boost sales in your spa or salon.

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