How to Know How Often Your Customers Visit Your Business

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Customer visit frequency can be deceptive. To the human eye, it would seem like you have the same number of customer visits every day. But this is in fact not the case. In the real sense, your customer visitation rate does change daily. You cannot accurately measure you customer visit rate by visual observation. You need the right technology to help you get the actual numbers.

Speaking of visual observation, many retail businesses (maybe even yours) employ video recording to measure their customer visitation rate. They place cameras at strategic spots within their business premises and watch the recording at the end of the day to do a head count. They add up all the head count for the week or month and take an average score. While this may give you some data, it may not be an accurate representation of your actual customer visit rate.

There is an effective tool that can help you gather accurate readings of your customer visitation rate – Wi-Fi sensor technology. Wi-Fi sensor technology captures certain data that is difficult, or even impossible, to collect using video recording.

Measuring Daily Customer Visits Using Mobile Devices

Here’s how Wi-Fi sensor technology works. Wi-Fi sensor technology is integrated with your social Wi-Fi network and is designed to work within the broadcast range of your social Wi-Fi. When activated, the sensor will pick up any Wi-Fi enabled devices that enter within the Wi-Fi broadcast perimeter.

It will record the time the device (which represents a visitor) entered the zone, how long the visitors stayed, when the visitor left, and more. At the end of the day/week/month, it will create an intuitive representation of the data. Here you can easily know what time of the day you have the most visitors.

Let’s talk a bit about…

Finding Daily Customer Visit Average

With the data garnered, Wi-Fi analytics software can help you calculate your total daily averages, assuming you leave your Wi-Fi on both day and night. A lot of the results from the analysis of the data will blow your mind. See the 3 things Wi-Fi analytics can tell you about your customers. They will give you insights into your customer behaviour that you could never know without Wi-Fi sensor technology.

Finding your daily customer visit averages and ultimately your daily peak visitor times, you can devise a strategy to take full advantage of it. On the other hand, if you realize that your daily averages are below your expectations, the data gathered with your Wi-Fi platform gives you the power to turn the situation around.

Using our robust and intuitive dashboard, you can easily read and interpret customer data, as they are represented in formats that are easy to understand.

And what about…


Finding Customer Visit Averages for a Specific Day?

Say you want to know how many customers visit your place of business on a particular day, then what? You probably want to take advantage of this particular day because of certain events. This is possible using a thorough Wi-Fi data analytics platform like SpotOn Wi-Fi that measures even the smallest of details. You can choose any specific day and get the customer visit average for that day.

And this only gets better.

You can choose to measure the customer visit averages for this particular day for a short period of time, say a month. Or you can choose to measure over longer periods like three, six, or twelve months. For example, you can choose to measure visit averages for just Saturdays. Then you can choose to measure this for the month of August. Or for longer periods like a quarter or a full year.

With this information, you can design marketing campaigns targeting customer behaviour on this specific day.

What else could you do with this data? How about…

Using Daily Visitor Averages for Events and Staffing Efficiency

Many retail businesses waste money hiring staff they do not need or organizing events that may have no significant impact on revenue because they lack proper data. Using daily visitor average, you can know what days you have your highest visitor traffic. This will put you in a better position to hire a few extra hands ahead of time to help you manage the increase in customer visit. When the season is over you can let go of the extra help so you don’t have to pay staff you don’t need.

Additionally, you can organize events at the appropriate time, i.e. when you have your highest visitor average. This way your event will make impact on more customers and would yield returns on the resources invested into organizing it.

A common question clients who are new to Wi-Fi sensor technology ask is…

How Easy Is It To Set It Up?

Perhaps owing to the exceptional things you can do with Wi-Fi sensor technology, many business owners think it must be difficult to setup and complicated to invest in. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wi-Fi sensor (and analytics) technology is pretty easy setup and inexpensive to run, especially if you already have guest Wi-Fi. Unlike some other technologies that require wires, Wi-Fi technology helps you save cost on equipment as there are no wires. You can also access your customer data wirelessly using any mobile device.

A trial will convince you. If you want to see how customer data is represented, you can request a free demo. Without any financial cost on your part, we will show you how it all works, from data collection to analysis. And we would be glad to take any questions you might have about setting up our Wi-Fi analytics & marketing platform or Wi-Fi sensor technology in your retail or restaurant business. Contact us and we will respond promptly.

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