How to Create Your Own Lead-Generating Digital Basket for Your Offline Business

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How do you generate leads as an offline business? Print ads? TV commercials? Word-of-mouth? Since the start of the digital age, online businesses have had a good run with lead-generation. With a myriad of tools and platforms readily available, generating leads came easy to them.

Now, Wi-Fi technology has given brick n’ mortar businesses the tool needed to generate as much leads as online businesses.

In this article, I will be showing you how to generate leads using onsite Wi-Fi. But first, let us look at…

The Rising Mobile Phone Trend

There literally hundreds of millions of digital devices on the planet. Nearly all of them are internet-enabled. This explosion of digital devices has made it easy for people to access the internet. It has also increased the amount of information available. Information which can be used to find leads.

But if you observe carefully, you’d notice something happening. People are turning their focus from large screened devices to portal mobile devices such as phones. This makes mobile marketing an excellent way to find leads.

Here’s why…

People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones. According to the app RescueTime, mobile phone users spend about 3 hours 15 minutes on their devices. The 2018 report states that the top 20% of mobile phone users spend an excess of 4 hours 30 minutes on their devices.

That’s a lot of screen time. And it presents a perfect opportunity for mobile marketers to generate leads. This is the reason why:

  • 56% of businesses use mobile phones to improve sales.
  • 50% of businesses use it to create brand awareness.
  • 49% of businesses use it to find new customers.

With time these numbers will grow. Many websites and landing pages are now striving to be responsive to mobile phone screen size.

Attracting Leads to Your Basket

In this digital age, internet access is a crucial need. Everyone wants to stay connected, regardless of where they are or what they are doing. And so, how do you meet the internet connection needs of your visitors and your need to generate leads?

The answer is simple – provide free Wi-Fi. Putting up a sign outside your business premises that says “Free Wi-Fi” is a guaranteed way to attract new visitors. Did you know free Wi-Fi can boost your restaurant business? Here’s How.

Filling Your Basket

Offering free Wi-Fi presents an opportunity for you to know your visitors while meeting their connectivity needs. With a Wi-Fi landing page you can collect valuable customer data and use this data to track your customers’ habits. This will help you provide better quality service for them.

Collecting Customer Emails

Did you know that 56% percent of businesses use email as their major channel for customer retention? This makes customer email an important piece of data to have. With them you can reach your customers even when they are not on your business premises. You can offer special deals, discounts, make new product announcements, invite them for an event, and much more.

Your visitors will be willing to give you their email addresses in exchange for access to the internet. So, you get the visitor as a lead and they get access to the internet. Everybody wins.

Social Media Details

Social media is the number one lead generation channel, and would remain so for the foreseeable future. Facebook has well over 1.5 billion users, even the recent up and coming social media platform called Tik Tok already has over 500 million users.

You can design your sign up form with the option to login with social media. Using social media as a login option, you will which of the platforms your customers hang out the most. This will help you know which of the platforms to focus your customer retention efforts on.

For instance, if more of your visitors signed up with Facebook than, say, twitter, then you know that a major portion of your customer acquisition and retention efforts should be focused on Facebook.

Coupons and Deals

Everyone loves a good bargain. Okay, maybe not everyone but you get the picture. A lot of people love businesses where they can get good deals for quality products or services. And many retailers are aware of this so they offer special deals for first-time signups.

You can offer a discount coupon to your visitors to get them to give additional data. You can offer them BOGO free deals for their first purchase. Once they have bought from you, it’s easier to get them to buy from you again, especially if you offer quality products/services.


Offering free Wi-Fi is great; it will help you attract leads to your retail store or restaurant. But integrating it with a Wi-Fi analytics and marketing platform is even better. A Wi-Fi analytics and marketing platform makes data collection, storage, access, and interpretation easy.

Spot On Wi-Fi provides you with a more efficient way to collect customer data. The best part of this is that it takes no effort on your part. Plus, all data is collected in real-time enabling you to spot a changing trend and make prompt decisions about them.

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