Free Wi-Fi Can Boost Your Restaurant Business: Here’s How

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Information, as they say, rules the world. And in this era of information generation and consumption, free access to data is invaluable. This has put mobile data plans at the top of the list of items in mobile phone packages. People spend money on monthly subscriptions for data plans, and so free Wi-Fi would attract them like bees to nectar.

Presently, having access to the internet goes beyond viewing pictures and watching videos on social media. There are thousands of people whose jobs and businesses are solely dependent on the internet. This makes data connection not just a mere want but a grave need for these people.

Offering free Wi-Fi in your restaurant is not a fancy addition to impress your visitors. It is a must-have item for any brick n’ mortar business. Free Wi-Fi can change your business dramatically by bringing you a unique set of visitors that you normally would not have. Back in the day, people were drawn to restaurants by the aroma of food and by word of mouth. These days, they are drawn by free Wi-Fi. All you need is to set up a free Wi-Fi system and put a sign on your windows saying “Free Wi-Fi available here”, and watch new visitors roll in. You can learn more about restaurant wifi here.

There are different classes of visitors that are attracted by free Wi-Fi. In this article, we have outlined a few of the most popular set of Wi-Fi-chasers.

Laptop Ninjas

The bait is pretty simple: come for the Wi-Fi, stay for a meal. And it works every time. As mentioned earlier, there are remote workers all over the place who live life by going from place to place in search of Wi-Fi. They are armed with nothing but their laptops and mobile phones with which they work. Laptop ninjas seek out free Wi-Fi zones to work in as this helps them save on data subscription. These digital nomads include graphic designers, web designers, writers, photographers, online marketers, video editors, and many more. They have fulltime remote jobs that allow them work from anywhere. A restaurant with free Wi-Fi is the perfect spot for these professionals. Why? Well, because there is free Wi-Fi and food to eat when they get hungry. And coffee, too.

Students and Study Groups

Students love (and need) Wi-Fi connection as much as laptop professionals do. The free Wi-Fi is attractive to students and study groups who may not be able to afford adequate data subscription plans to cater to their needs. Plus, as technology advances, more and more assignments would be given, done, and turned in online through emails. You should expect frequent visits from students (in groups) at your restaurant for your Wi-Fi and soft drinks, as well. Hopefully, they can afford your meals.

Traveller and Road Trippers

Restaurants make an ideal place for travellers and people on road trips to stop, rest, and of course, eat. In addition to your regular diners, they make good sources of business. Free Wi-Fi is just the right lure to draw them in. This is because travellers, while they rest, may love to share pictures or videos of their trip with friends on social media. They may also need to check their work emails to be abreast of work/business while on their trip. Most travellers may use Google maps and GPS to aid them on their trip. Your restaurant, with free Wi-Fi, would serve as a hub for them to stop and check their current location.

Family and Friends

The fourth type of visitors you should expect is families and friends. Many families and friends love to eat out sometimes. And free Wi-Fi is at the top of the criteria for choosing what restaurant to hang out in. Online games, videos, and photos may be used to entertain kids and friends may want to share their outing photos with other friends. In addition to that, your Wi-Fi would enable them to share photos of your meals and restaurant online. This would be a big plus to your marketing because it acts as social proof and could win you more diners even when you have zero ads online.

And there’s more…

Free Wi-Fi is good for all the reasons listed above but it can be so much more. Integrating a marketing and analytics tool like SpotOn Wi-Fi to your Wi-Fi can help you collect valuable customer data. Customer data you can collect include names, email addresses, demographic data, daily foot traffic, most sought after meals, customer churn rate, number of first-time diners per day, number of return diners per day, and many more. All the data would be collected on autopilot and stored in one place. You can access the data through our advanced and intuitive dashboard where they are represented as charts, graphs, and lists. This data will give clarity to your marketing campaigns making them more effective. And more effective campaigns mean increase in sales.

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