3 Simple But Effective Ways to Use Email Marketing to Its Full Potential

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Need to stay in touch with customers? There are tons of mediums through which you can do that. The digital world is packed with channels businesses can use to stay in touch with customers. You name it – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tik Tok, Blogs, and many more.

Even though it is good that there is no shortage of channels, having so many makes it difficult to choose.

It is nearly impossible for you to be on all the social media platforms. The smart thing to do is to know what channel is best suited for your business. Or whatever channel has the majority of your customers.

But there is a simple platform we are all familiar with. Businesses swear by it. Some say as much as 56% of their sales have come from this one channel alone. I have personally seen people run their entire marketing solely on it and succeed.

That channel is email.

Why Does Email Still Work?

That’s a good question. With all the newer and flashier platforms, why does email still thrive? The answer is simple – versatility, simplicity, and adaptability.

Let’s look at those features closely, shall we?

Email is versatile. While your customers could be on any number of social media, nearly all of them have emails.

The Radicati Group reported in 2018 that there are 3.8 billion email users in the world. Some of your potential customers may be on one social platform and not on the other. This means you would have to be on multiple platforms in order to reach them. But it is likely they all have emails.

Emails are adaptable. You can use emails to send all kinds of files – photos, audios, and videos. They can be used as a content marketing tool. You can use email to send short-form content or long form. There are no word limits, no strict platform formatting requirements, and no limit on the number of mails you can send.

The two features above make emails simple to use. Because you can connect to your customers at the same time, without having to jump from one platform to another.

Now you know why emails are still in the marketing game. And they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Since that’s the case, let’s look at 3 ways to maximize emails and get the best out of it.

  1. Content Is King, Even In Email

We have all heard the above phrase. It’s been sung on nearly every digital marketing platform. But most tend to forget that it includes email. Your email subscribers are still human beings with needs.

And they are quite busy, too.

This means they may have only a short time to spare going through your content. You want to make it worth their time or you risk losing them forever.

Make sure your email messages are crafted beforehand. This would give you enough time to get your objectives straight. Before you write, ask yourself, ‘What do I want to achieve?’ ‘What information do I want to pass on to my customers?’ ‘What do I want them to do?’

Your content must provide some form of value to your customers. Design it in such a way that they will always look forward to getting your emails.

Remember, your subscribers signed up for your newsletters for a reason. Let every sentence remind them of that reason.

  1. Be And Stay Reliable

If content is king, consistency is queen. There’s nothing as annoying as unpredictability. Your customers want to know what time of the week or month to expect your emails. As soon as they sign up, send them a welcome message.

It is also recommended to let them know how often you will send messages. This will keep them expectant.

To make it easy for you, use a content calendar. It will help you stay organized and lets you know what content you’d be working on next. It also pays to create all your content before you even create your email list.

That sounds like a lot of work, I know. But it saves you time and hassles in the future. You can just upload all your content in a sequence to an emailing platform and schedule when you’d like them sent.

  1. Simplify Your Message Design

Simple is most often more. Simple is easy to handle. Simple is easy to understand. Whatever you do make sure your emails are simple. Write in simple clear terms and avoid technical jargons. Your customers do not have the time to look up words in a dictionary.

Break your paragraphs into small blocks of 2 to 3 lines each. White spaces have been shown to improve understanding of a text by 20%. Insert subheadings to tell your readers (mostly the scanners) what to expect in the following section.

You know what else can help you make the most of email? Wi-Fi analytics & marketing softwares. These platforms can help you do a lot of cool stuffs such as collect, store, and categorize customer data in real-time. You can use Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software to collect customer emails through a Wi-Fi portal. Haven collected customer emails, you can keep in touch with them even when they are not in the away from your place of business.

Using a Wi-Fi analytics platform like SpotOn Wi-Fi, you can segment your customers into separate groups using data points such as age, gender, and buying behaviour. Segmenting your customers helps you communicate with them more effectively through personalization.

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