3 Ways to Use Personalization to Create Loyal Customers

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Businesses grow with new customers but are sustained by loyal customers. That’s why it is crucial to find effective ways to track and engage your loyal customers. In order to engage your customers effectively, you need to get personal with your communication. But you cannot get personal with people you do not know. To get to know your customers, you need adequate data.

So, it’s a riddle, right? How do you get data for effective engagement with your customers on a personal level?

Firstly, Wi-Fi marketing and analytics tools can help you collect all the customer data you need. Next, you can segment your customers into different groups based on common traits. From then on, your marketing messages should be designed in such a way that they are relevant to your customers.

That’s what personalization is all about. And you may ask…

Why Should I Personalize?

Personalization helps to improve the results of your marketing efforts. Personalized messages are tailored to be relevant to the customer. Your customers will be willing to take any actions you want them to because they feel you know them. Personalization increases engagement with your marketing content.

According to reports by the Harvard Business Review, personalized messages improve advertising effect by 15%. They increase revenue by 10% and help to cut costs by 50%, according to the report.

Now, do you see why you should consider personalize your content?

Personalization may appear difficult to many business owners. However, with the right tools and strategy, it can be pretty easy.

Let’s look at 3 ways you can use personalization.

  1. Get To Know More About Your Customers

Before you can communicate with your customers personally, you must know them first. You must know a few of their basic traits and preferences. There is a whole lot you can learn about your customer.

A few data points include…

What his/her name, age, and gender are? Where do they live? What is their birth date? How do they like their coffee (if you run a café)? How much they spend shopping at your store each week? What items do they buy more often?

Using a Wi-Fi analytics tool, you can collect, store, and analyse customer data. The data is collected without any effort from you or your customers – on autopilot.

This data will help you know what your customers are interested in. That way you can create your marketing messages around your customers’ interests in order to keep them interested (no pun intended). Interested customers become loyal customers over time.

  1. Make Use Of What You Have Got

Now you have some useful data. It may not be as much as you might want but it’s enough. You can begin to look at what opportunities exist within your current products or services. Let’s consider a simple example.

If you run a restaurant and have got your customers’ birth date stored in your database. You could setup a triggered birthday message sent to their email address. In that message, you can offer them a free dessert or coffee if they choose to come celebrate their birthday at your restaurant.

Something as simple as that is powerful enough to get customers coming back. Because it makes them feel special and this builds trust and loyalty in your brand.

The same idea could be used for weddings, wedding anniversaries, kiddies’ birthdays, corporate retreats, religious holidays, and more. Just let your imagination run wild.

Not too wild though.

  1. Focus On Your Customers First

Remember that marketing isn’t always about sales. You should provide value for your customers. If customers feel you are always trying to sell them something, they will leave your business. Look for ways to solve small problems for free.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can send customers emails about healthy foods. Or you could write a blog on how to save on groceries if you operate a retail store. A fashion business could post blogs on how to combine certain clothes with a particular colour of shoes. Or different tie knot styles.

Make sure you are always providing value that is devoid of selling. Your customers will stick with you because of this value. This will automatically lead to more sales revenue along the way.

Study you customers’ demographics to know what kind of content would be relevant to them. If you have got customer with mixed demographics, you should craft separate content for each one.

Read our article on 5 Tips to Use Email Segmentation to Personalize Your Customer Experience. It will help you know more.

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