5 Categories Restaurants Can Segment Customers Into For More Effective Marketing

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Want your marketing to be more effective? Then you had better consider segmenting your customers. Customer segmentation is one of the most effective strategies you can use to improve your marketing results.

Your customers obviously comprise of people from different backgrounds and with different needs. Segmenting them makes you able to speak to their specific needs. It helps you develop better content that gets your customers’ attention and gets them to take the right action.

Did you know that many businesses generate as much as 58% of their revenue from segmented customers?

Let’s look at the major benefits of segmenting your customers.

  • Increase In Sales

Personalizing your messages to meet the needs of your customers will get them more interested in your restaurant. When your customers feel that you understand their needs, they will be willing to buy from you.

  • Increase In Open Rates

Many messages stay unopened, or worse, get deleted because they lack relevance to the recipient. Sending personalized messages to customer segments improves your open rates.

  • Improves Your Click-Through Rate

The more relevant your message is to your customers, the more likely it is that they will respond to your call-to-action. According to MailChimp, segmented email campaigns have 100.95% more click-through than non-segmented.

  • Fosters Continuous Engagement

Your customers will always look forward to your messages because they are relevant to them. It encourages them to keep engaging with your content.

  • Makes You Stand Out

Your customers receive emails from other businesses, too. But sending personalized messages helps you stand out from the pack. Your customer will choose over the others because your content speaks to their desires.

Are you excited about segmenting your customers yet?


Now here are a 5 categories you can segment your customers into:

  1. Regular/Loyal Customers

Your loyal customers deserve a group of their own. You are better off trying to retain them than trying to get new customers.

Creating a segment with just your loyal customers is the best way to make sure you only send messages meant specifically for them. You could organize loyal-customers-only programs to reward your regular diners.

Also, let them know they are on an exclusive list because they are special to you.

Bonus tip:

To grow this segment, tell your new customers that they will be added to a special list if they dine X number of times. People love the idea of being special and this will make them eager to spend to join the list.

  1. Local Customers

If your restaurant isn’t located in the middle of the desert, you likely have a majority of your customers from the neighbourhood. You could create segments for different demographics in that locality.

For example, you can create a segment for the local school, the public servants in the area, the senior citizens, young couples, etc. Each of these segments will be made up of customers with different needs and preferences.

You can also organize or participate in local event targeting a particular demographic in the area.

  1. Menu Preferences

As a restaurant, you obviously do not serve only one type of dish. This means that your customers have individual meal preferences. You can segment your customers based on this criterion.

You may have steak lovers, coffee hogs, gluten-free enthusiasts, and others. Grouping them into their own segments means you can talk to them about what they love.

You can upsell them, offer discounts, or invite them to try a new complimentary dish that goes well with their favourite meal.

  1. Customers Who Haven’t Provided Feedback

Customer reviews have become an indispensable marketing tool. With it, you can acquire a lot of customers through organic traffic online. As much as 90% of consumers believe online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

And so, if you have got customer who haven’t review your restaurant, you may want to create a segment for them. This way you can offer them incentives to get them to leave you a review.

Note: Please do not offer a bribe for reviews.

The customers in this segment have already bought from you. You are only trying to encourage them to provide feedback about their experience. This is not the same as paying someone who has never been to your restaurant to write some hyped review of you.

  1. Dormant Customers

Some of your customers may dine at your restaurant once and not return for a long time. They (hopefully) may not make up a majority of your customers but they are significant nonetheless.

You can create a category/segment targeting these customers. You could offer them an incentive to get them to return. You may also need to find out why they haven’t visited in a long while.

Sending messages targeting only dormant customers can convert some of them into lifelong loyal customers.

Those are some of the major categories you can use to segment your customers. Read our article on Email Marketing and Customer Segmentation: For Restaurants and Retail Businesses to learn more. But the question is how do you go about this customer segmentation?


You use a Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software.

Just offering free Wi-Fi to your customers won’t get you as much customer data as you need. Using a Wi-Fi analytics platform, you can collect accurate and reliable customer data. Data that will enable you create and target distinct customer segments.

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