3 Major Benefits of Using Pre-Order Technology for Your Restaurant

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As far as I know, there is technology for every kind of business there is on the planet.

Technology makes life easy for us. We can get things done faster and more accurately when we work with the right technology. It helps us do more in a short time than we can do by ourselves.

Today, technology is indispensable in the world of business. Savvy business owners use tech to engage current customers, acquire new customers, market their business, and increase sales.

In the restaurant industry, this is no different.

Many restaurant managers are catching on and have started using digital technology to get more people to dine with them.

One of such tech is Pre-Order mobile apps.

Having a social media page and a CRM platform is great for communicating with customers. You can use social media or email to make announcements about a new recipe, an upcoming event, or special offers.

But, quite frankly, they have their limitations.

In this post, we going to look at a technology that can do something emails and social media can’t.

And that is Pre-Order technology.

Pre-order technology enables customers to make seat reservations or order for meals from the menu on the fly.

Why is this good for your restaurant?

Let’s look at 3 major benefits of using Pre-Order technology:

  1. It Helps You Sell In Advance

Every restaurant wants to sell meals. But you know what’s better than selling meals?

Selling meals in advance!

Pre-order technology helps you sell out meals on your menu even before your customers walk through the door. How cool is that?

Let me tell you why it’s so cool…

It helps your customers save time and makes it easy for them to place orders without leaving their homes or offices.

For you, it helps you know how much you per time of day. For instance, if you have customers pre-ordering lunch, you know how many meals you have prepared for lunch and how much each costs. Ultimately, you can tell that you can expect to have revenue of X dollars from the lunch menu.

It helps your employees work more efficiently, as they know exactly what to prepare based on the pre-orders that come in. additionally, they can more easily accept, confirm, or cancel orders right from a mobile device.

  1. It Increases Table Turnover

One of the biggest challenges restaurants face is serving guest quickly, especial during rush hour. Most times, guests have to wait for their meals. And this leads to loss of customers in the long run.

Having guests wait for their meals, even for a short while, is bad.

And you know why?

Because they are hungry and people become really impatient when they are hungry.

There a few common factors that cause delays in getting customers their meals. Some of them include:

Sluggish menu ordering,

Meal preparation,

Checks on paper.

With pre-ordering, all these are taken out of the way.

Customers can have their meals prepared in advance and kept warm for them.

It speeds up the ordering process. Because customers can now take all the time they need to pick a meal from the menu from their homes or offices, instead of spending all that time a table.

Consequently, customers only come in to eat their meals and leave for the next guest to use the table. They also do not have to sit at a table trying to calculate their bill. Or how much tip they want to leave. All that will be done via the app before they get there.

As your table turnover increases, you make more money in a shorter time frame and significantly increase your profits.

  1. It Keeps Your Busy Patrons Delighted

Some of your diners are really busy. Who isn’t these days?

Having them wait, even for 3 minutes, is enough to make them lose their tops.

You don’t want this.

This is where pre-order technology rocks. Your busy customers only have to place their order online while you handle the rest.

When the time scheduled for their meals comes, all they need to do is come in, get served, say ‘thank you’, and get back to their lives.

And you know what? They will love you for it.

It also makes your service more personalized. Because your staff would know who ordered what and can even address them by name and remember the last time they visited. This will make your guests feel special.

And so, there you have it…

The 3 major benefits you get when you use pre-order technology. In a nutshell, it helps you and your customers save time and energy. This means you will be able to serve more guests per day, and therefore, make more money.

There are more than a few of these pre-order apps out there. You only need to evaluate them and see which one works best for you.

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