How Wi-Fi Sensor Technology Can Help You Measure Consumer Behaviour

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For decades, business owners have sought to understand consumer behaviour. They have always been aware of how valuable such information would be. Before now, they had employed several different mean to glean this data. This included video recording, data tracking tools, sales record, etc.  However, none of these methods have effective in actually measuring how consumers behave.

Humans are creatures of habits and so they are fairly predictable. But it can be difficult (if not impossible) to collect information about human behaviour without the proper tools. And if one manages to collect such data using crude means, it would drive one insane to make sense of it. Do you want to know how smart businesses now measure consumer behaviour? Keep reading.

Technology has advanced incredibly and has given us the right tools to collect vital information from customers. One of such tools is the Wi-Fi sensor technology. Wi-Fi sensor technology can be used to monitor the number of visitors that come through your business premises on a daily basis. This information, in turn, can be used to measure the behaviour of the visitors and their activities within your business.

And that’s not all.

Wi-Fi sensor technology provides a platform where all the information is aggregated. This makes it easily available for use in market strategy and product/service improvement. The technology makes the data collected easy to interpret and understand by just about anyone.


How Does Wi-Fi Technology Collect Information On Foot Traffic?

Unfortunately, there are still businesses that employ video cameras to monitor daily traffic. This isn’t a totally terrible idea and can actually give you some data. The problem is that such data will not be detailed. And vague data lead to unclear marketing goals which would ultimately result to a loss of business.

Enter Wi-Fi sensor technology. With it you can collect information from your customers effortlessly. Do you offer free Wi-Fi to your customers? You probably already collect data like names and email addresses through your Wi-Fi login page. That’s great. But Wi-Fi sensor technology does even better.

By the way, read this article to learn how to maximize your Wi-Fi log in page.

While your Wi-Fi platform can collect customer data when they log in, Wi-Fi sensor collects data as soon as they walk into your place of business. Wi-Fi sensor technology is combining a Wi-Fi platform with perimeter sensor technology. Perimeter sensor technology picks up signals from any visitor’s mobile device as soon as they step into a predetermined boundary.

Using Wi-Fi sensor technology such as SpotOn Wi-Fi, you can collect data like:

  • Number of visitors;
  • Length of time visitors stayed within the premises;
  • What section of the premises had the highest foot traffic;
  • Time of the day that you have the highest foot traffic;
  • And many more…

SpotOn’s Wi-Fi sensor can help you collect data that you cannot collect using just Wi-Fi alone. This data can be accessed at any time of the day using a PC or mobile device.

Wi-Fi sensor technology has a robust, integrated dashboard where you all the data are represented in graphs, charts, and figures that are easily to interpret. From there you can tell what you need to improve on and what your customers really want.

Some may contend that is it unethical (maybe even illegal) to have so much information about customers. But you must realize that the goal isn’t to use the information wrongly. It is to provide better products or services for customers.

Offering free Wi-Fi to your customers is good but integrating it with sensor technology is better. SpotOn Wi-Fi’s software collects vital customer data on auto-pilot. It organizes the data in one place making them easily accessible any time they are needed. You get to your customer data displayed on an impressive dashboard that represents the data in simple graphs and charts.

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