Wi-Fi Marketing: 5 Major Pitfalls and How to Prevent Them

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Wi-Fi has become such a huge commodity nowadays.

Most customers won’t even come close some businesses if there’s no Wi-Fi. Business owners have in turn taken advantage of this to get more customers in through their doors. Restaurants use them to keep customers long enough for them to order more food.

Sadly, despite the versatility of Wi-Fi, few managers have adopted Wi-Fi marketing or incorporated in into their overall strategy. Several brick n’ mortar businesses merely offer Wi-Fi to their customers and nothing more. As a result, they leave a lot of money and juicy customer data on the table.

But something tells me that’s not you.

You know how important Wi-Fi marketing is to your business and you are looking to take advantage of it.

How do I know?

Easy – you are reading this post. And that tells me you want to make an informed decision.

Listen, the first step on your journey to Wi-Fi marketing land is choosing the right Wi-Fi provider. And this is where it gets dicey. Your Wi-Fi marketing strategy is only as good as the Wi-Fi provider you contract. And so, you must ensure you are choosing a provider that is the best fit for your business.

In order to choose the right provider and make the most of your Wi-Fi, here are 5 pitfalls you must avoid like the plague:

  1. Zero Allowance For Branding

Wi-Fi providers aren’t created equal.

They all have their pros and cons that make them a good or bad fit. That being said, there is one major factor you should consider a red flag for choosing a provider.

And that is the lack of allowance for branding.

Good branding usually involves seeking out avenues to get your name out and impress your brand on your customers mind. This often includes emblazoning your brand logo on souvenirs, office space, lobby, products, communications, social media profile, and more.

The Wi-Fi splash page serves as an excellent platform to “splash” your brand logo. So that the first thing your users before they log in is your logo. You can see how far this can take your business in terms of branding.

Unfortunately, there are Wi-Fi providers who (for whatever reasons) do not allow their clients’ logo on their splash page.

Avoid this at all cost.

You want to be sure that any Wi-Fi provider you are choosing allows you display your brand on there. As mentioned above, having your brand image on the splash screen will help boost your brand awareness.

  1. Lack Of Channels For Upsells

This pitfall goes hand-in-hand with the outgoing one.

If you cannot display your brand logo on the splash page, it automatically means you cannot upsell your other products/services. The implication of this is that you cannot take advantage of yet another juicy opportunity to reach your customers.

Chances are, your Wi-Fi provider will instead put their own products/services to your customers. And that’s just wrong.

You should look for a provider that not only allows you brand the splash page but also upsell. Discuss with all potential providers and see what they have to offer in this regard. If this isn’t part of the deal, walk away.

  1. Poor Coverage

In Wi-Fi marketing, coverage is gold.

If you choose a Wi-Fi provider with inferior or inadequate infrastructure, you’d end up with coverage problems. You don’t want that.


Not only will you piss off a ton of customers with marginalized coverage, you will miss out on valuable data. This means that you will not get a portion of customers’ data due to poor coverage.

To avoid this, ask to evaluate your preferred Wi-Fi provider’s infrastructure. Or better still ask them to provide you with details on the coverage range of their signal.

Let them know how wide your business place is and make provisions to cover every square inch of it.

  1. Systems That Lack Capacity For Targeted Communications And Integrations

This pitfall is often overlooked by many business owners.

Big mistake!

Targeted communications and integrations are super important to building your relationship with your customers. You need to be able to communicate with your customers on a personal level if you hope to get more out of them.

Moreover, running programs such referrals and loyalty campaigns can be marvelously beneficial to your bottom line.

Therefore, a Wi-Fi provider whose infrastructure doesn’t support these two is a big no-no.

Ask all prospective providers for a demo to prove their system can efficiently run targeted communications. You also want to ensure that you can integrate things such loyalty and referral campaigns.

  1. Not Owning Customer Data

Imagine collecting valuable customer data for months only to find out you can’t access them.


Simply because the Wi-Fi providers did not give you ownership of the data. Or worse, makes you pay for them every time you need them.

This can be a real problem as you may not be able to make informed decisions as a result of data inaccessibility. Customer data is the lifeblood of every successful marketing campaign. And so, running a campaign without it is like flying a plane blindfolded.

We all know how that’d turn out.

To avoid this, make sure you confirm from the partnership agreement that you’d own the customer data. Additionally, try to put systems in place to retrieve and backup the data. Cloud services are the most preferred these days.

In conclusion…

Here’s your takeaway from this post. To avoid these pitfalls, you should work with a Wi-Fi provider that:

  • Let’s you brand the Wi-Fi platform, splash page and all.
  • Allows you upsell other products or services on their platform.
  • Offers wide network signal coverage.
  • Has a platform with targeted communication and integration capabilities.
  • Gives you complete ownership of your customer data.

With SpotOn Wi-Fi, you have got all five boxes checked.

And you know what? You can verify this claim by simply requesting a demo from us. Or shoot us a message and we’d get back to you ASAP.

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