Do You Want To Improve Your Event Marketing? Here Are 5 Strategies You Should Consider

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If you have ever organized an event, you already know it can be pretty tasking.

Even a well-planned event can fail after a lot of planning. But you know what’s even more daunting?

Executing a successful event marketing campaign!

Creating and running a thriving event marketing campaign can get pretty dicey really fast. It requires a ton of planning and experience, and can cost quite a lot of money.

So what can you do to make your event marketing successful? What is that magic touch in today’s world that can take your event from barely getting along to sold-out?

The answer to both questions is simple – you use the internet!

With the ascent of technology, the internet has become indispensable tool when marketing is concerned.

There are 4.4 billion people on the internet. The fact that you can communicate with hundreds of thousands of people in an instant, makes marketing your event online a no-brainer.

One of the best platforms on the web to market your event is social media, specifically Facebook. Many marketers have had successful campaigns on Facebook and so it’s no doubt that it works. That notwithstanding, you shouldn’t jump on Facebook and start running ads.

First, you need to learn how to properly promote your event on Facebook.

You need to create an event page and then tweak it to suit the kind of event that you are looking to promote. The success of your event marketing efforts depends on this first step.

Next, you will need to select a picture to serve as the cover photo of your events page. It must be 1920 x 1080 in diameter and crispy clear. Remember, your photos say a lot about you. Therefore, choose a photo that best represents your brand, grabs the attention of your visitors, and sells your event.

If you have that set, I will now show you 5 simple you can use to your event marketing campaign to the next level.

  1. Optimize Your Facebook Events Page

As you set up your events page, ensure that you fill out all the important fields with the appropriate information. Facebook shares your events page if you input adequate data about your event. It will recommend it to its users using certain criteria.

One very important field to watch out for is the event categories. This helps Facebook know what kind of event you are planning to publicize. It has options of festival, meet-ups, conferences, or concerts. Pick the option that best matches your event.

You want to include tags to your event page. Tags act as keywords for your page that help people find your events page when they use certain terms to search Facebook. Therefore, try to use tags closest to what people would use to search for events of interest to them.

In addition, you should engage Facebook events notification to help alert those who have shown interest in your event about any updates.

WARNING: Do not send too many notifications. Facebook research has shown that people get irked when they receive too many notifications and may disengage themselves.

  1. Get Into Video Marketing

Text based marketing is rapidly giving way to video-based marketing. According to cisco, video will drive 82% of the internet traffic in 2021.

One reason for that is video converts way more than text and also drives more online engagement. A lot of information can be passed on videos in 3 minutes than can be done with long-form text. Nowadays, people prefer video content over text.

Those are all the reasons why you should invest in videos as the major content form for your event campaign. Video is capable of conveying information on a more emotional level than text. In the end, you should make your videos about your story rather than merely trying to sell tickets.

  1. Harness The Power Of Facebook Ads

Facebook has grown to become an immensely powerful platform for advertising. It finds its strength from the number of users (over 2 billion active accounts) and a robust algorithm.

With it, you can get the word out and reach hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people in a really short time. Facebook is equipped with tons of targeting parameters that make it possible for you to narrow down your target audience. You can target a specific group based on common attributes like age, sex, educational qualification, marital status, occupation, and much more.

You want to learn how to build efficient funnels so as to convert as much people as possible from your campaigns. Understand what stage your prospective attendees are in the funnel and design an appropriate marketing message.

  1. Make Use Of Instagram Stories To Live Stream

Instagram stories pack quite a punch when it comes to increasing views and engagement. It is strategically positioned to be the first thing people see when they log into their account.

The use of Instagram stories should make up a huge portion of your Instagram strategy. A lot of Instagram users look forward to consuming content on Instagram stories. And so, you might as well post visually appealing content on there.

Speaking of visually appealing content, live streaming your event preparation process on Instagram stories is sure to attention. You can share your journey so far, the venue decoration, or you and your team of organizers seating in a restaurant enjoying burritos after a hard day’s work.

  1. Get Influencers Involved In Your Campaign

Apparently influencer marketing is a thing. And not just anything, it’s a powerful way to spread information say, about an upcoming event. It lets you take advantage of people who have large following on social media.

Influencer marketing is effective and is capable of contributing significantly to your event marketing campaign traffic. It gives you the leverage to reach a crowd you’d normally not be able to reach.

To effectively use influencers, look for whose followers are akin to the kind of people you want at your event. Macro influencers usually have a really large following made up of people who have little or nothing in common.

On the other hand, micro influencers have a more niched-down crowd who will resonate better with your message. Therefore, it makes more sense to go for micro influencers rather than macro influencers.

In conclusion…

If you are looking to run a successful event marketing campaign, Social media is your best bet. And Facebook is the most appropriate channel to achieve this.

When creating your Facebook events page, remember to correctly fill the appropriate fields so that Facebook can share your page. After that, optimize it, use video content, take advantage of Instagram stories, and engage influencers.

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