Tips for Growing Your Business with Digital Coupons

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Let’s look at four different restaurants:

  1. A restaurant that cooks decent meals.
  2. A restaurant that serves decent meals with good customer service.
  3. A restaurant that serves good food with great customer service and free Wi-Fi.
  4. A restaurant that serves decent meals with excellent customer service, free Wi-Fi, and offers a free drink coupon on your next purchase.

So the question is which of these restaurants would you love to dine in?

I am pretty sure your answer would be the last restaurant. Because you believe they value you enough as a customer to show you appreciation for your loyalty. I bet you would become a loyal customer of that restaurant and dine there whenever you are in town.

That, my friends, is inexpensive, simple, and effective guerrilla marketing right there.

Let’s talk a bit more about that, shall we?

Guerrilla marketing has been around for decades. It is simply the use of marketing techniques that are low-cost, innovative, and unconventional, with an objective to create awareness for a product or service. Most marketing campaigns cost a lot of money and are out of reach to many retail businesses. But with some creativity and the right tools, offline businesses can go toe to toe with their online counterparts and get their products/services noticed by a wider audience.

In our imaginary restaurant above, the free drink is a low cost item that goes naturally with the meals served. The price of the meal can cover the cost of the free drink (but the customers don’t know that). The goal is to bring in more diners with the free drink offer. The increase in diners will ultimately lead to increase profits.

Next we should look into…

The Use of Coupon Codes on Landing Pages

Back in the day when guerrilla marketing was at its early stage, businesses employed physical displays to create awareness. These displays included posters, handbills, attractive window displays, road shows, etc. As much as these tricks are still in play today for retail and restaurant businesses, there is a better way.

Enter Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi technology is giving brick n’ mortar businesses a way to take guerrilla marketing to the next level. It has given them a way to get right in the faces of their customers, through their mobile phone screens. Businesses that are winning with Wi-Fi technology are doing so in 5 easy steps.

Here they are:

  1. Create a pleasant, friendly, and cozy environment that people would love to enter.
  2. Make sure your store space or dining area is properly structured allowing the easy flow of foot traffic. And also displays your products in an attractive way.
  3. Offer guest Wi-Fi connection that is both free of charge and easy to log into.
  4. On your landing page, offer your customers a coupon for an item that is inexpensive as soon as they log on.
  5. Track your results. Digital coupons have codes with which they can be tracked. You can see which customer used it, what it was used to purchase, and more. You can see how well your coupons campaign is doing using analytics tools.

In order to try these steps, you will need a robust Wi-Fi marketing & analytics tool and a coupon service.

And there’s more.

Did you know you could…

Make Your Coupon Campaigns More Lucrative?

If you didn’t know that, no worries, we are going to show you a few tricks you could apply to get more out of your campaigns. Ensure you fine tune these tips to suit your business type.

  • Tip 1: initiate your coupon campaign during a high-sale season like on your busiest days – weekend, holiday seasons, etc.
  • Tip 2: if you are having slow days, use only really low-cost coupons to improve your sales.
  • Tip 3: you can pair an impulse-buy item alongside the discount item and place them on your customers’ path for them to buy.
  • Tip 4: choose a versatile item as your promo item, one that meets the desires of the largest portion of your loyal customers. Your customer analytics data should give you the best option.

This is where you must put your Wi-Fi analytics platform to good use, to garner accurate customer data. The question is: do you have the right Wi-Fi analytics tool for the job?

If no, then SpotOn Wi-Fi is your go-to solution. Our platform is robust and makes gathering information a walk in the park. You can collect customer information on autopilot and have them stored in one place. The data is represented in formats that are easy to read and interpret. Contact us now and let’s get you started.


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