The first blow is half the battle: a fast internet connection is essential for a powerful WiFi signal

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A fast internet connection is essential for a powerful WiFi signal

Before you start getting clever with your WiFi, you first need to have an internet connection. There’re so many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) today that offer internet- and all-in-one packages, that you’ll not see the wood for the trees. We’ll gladly help you make a well-considered decision by clarifying the most important things for you!

Optic fiber/copper

You’ve probably heard of it; optic fiber. But what is optic fiber and how does it relate to your internet connection? Optic fiber is a paper-thin fiber made out of glass. A reliable signal can be sent a great distance through these fibers. Making them perfect for a stable and fast internet connection.

In contrary optic fiber, copper-wired connections are being shared with your neighbors. There’s a switchboard somewhere in the neighborhood. This is the source of the signal. The further away from this signal, the more is lost during its travel. So when you live close to the switchboard, you’re lucky. When you don’t live close to the switchboard, don’t count on fast internet.

Connection speed

Before choosing a package at an ISP, ask yourself what you’ll do with on the internet. Are you planning on downloading a lot? Then a fast connection would be relevant; a minimum of 30 MB/s is recommended. Are you mostly using it to look things up and for e-mailing? Then you’ll not need a very fast connection; 8 MB/s should be sufficient.


If you’re looking to offer your customers (free) WiFi, then we’d strongly advice you to invest in its download speed. These days, people do stream a lot of videos on their tablets and smartphones. Considering the very high quality standard of today’s videos, these take up quite some bandwidth. Luckily there’s brand new technology that’s currently being rolled out. This makes extremely fast WiFi no longer a future dream. It’s here already. And the best thing about it? It’s affordable and it’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities that will make your business grow like never before.


The prices vary widely. It depends on the ISP, connection speed and possible extra services like TV-bundles. There’s also ‘online ISPs’, like Tele2 and Online. They offer their services relatively cheap because they don’t have any stores. However, when you’ve got a problem with your internet connection, you can’t quickly visit them in the nearest shop for help. Also look for discounts that the ISPs are offering. The competition is huge, so they offer nicer discounts with the day to get your signature!

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