The Integration Box is a device serving the guest portal to the guest network. This works with almost every Wi-Fi solution, ranging from professional or Enterprise Wi-Fi accesspoints to simple consumer Wi-Fi routers.

What's in the box?

social hotspot

1. Integration Box Standard

2. UTP cable

3. Power adapter


The original Hybrid uses 1 port for internet access (WAN interface) and 1 or more ports for the guest network. It provides DHCP and serves as a gateway for the guest client devices. All ports are untagged.

Step 1

Plug an internet cable coming from your modem into port 1

social wifi

Step 2

Plug cables in the remaining ports to your access points or switch

social wifi

Step 3

Plug the power adapter into the Integration Box Standard

wifi hotspot

To recap:

WAN port is connected to your main router, switch or provider modem/router. LAN port is connected to a VLAN aware switch on the guest VLAN.

Step 4

Wait five minutes

social hotspot

Step 5

Connect with your new social WiFi network and view statistics on your own SpotOn Dashboard!

Tip: Make sure to disable your old WiFi network and paste the supplied stickers onto your windows.

social hotspot