Is your router offline?

Don’t panic! Follow the steps below.

  1. Always connect the CloudSpot/ReSpot directly to your modem and always plug the internet cable  into port number 1
  2. Make sure you don’t place the CloudSpot/ReSpot near your DB-panel
  3. Is the internet cable plugged in the CloudSpot/ReSpot and is light 1 burning?
  4. Has the adapter been placed in the CloudSpot/ReSpot and is the WiFi-light on?
  5. Are the lights burning but the WiFi isn’t working? Remove all cables from the CloudSpot/ReSpot, wait 3 minutes and plug them in again

Very important: The signal of the CloudSpot/ReSpot works like an umbrella. The higher you install the CloudSpot/ReSpot, the better. It’s also important to place the CloudSpot/ReSpot in a central spot to allow for an equal distribution of the signal. The signal of the WiFi-network you used previously can also be disruptive. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them to switch off the signal.

Contact us if you've followed these steps, but haven't got a working WiFi connection yet.