Looking For Wi-Fi Solution for Your Business? Here Are 5 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Any Provider

Guest wifi

Is your business in the hospitality industry?

If yes, then you may have started to notice the growing demand for guest Wi-Fi.

25% of leisure travelers say guest Wi-Fi is at the top of their criteria for choosing a hotel to stay in. That number is 40% for business travelers. On the other hand, 37% of digital nomads and remote workers say guest Wi-Fi is a huge deciding factor in choosing what café to work from.

And you thought it was the coffee quality?

Social Wi-Fi used to be a luxury commodity offered only by the crème-de-la-crème of the hospitality industry. Not anymore. It has now become a necessity for businesses serious about attracting and converting new customers.

Hold on…

Before you jump at the first Wi-Fi provider that throws a proposal at you, here are 5 crucial questions you need to ask.

  1. Does the Wi-Fi Measure Footfall?

Understanding the needs of your customers is crucial to improving your services. Your customers ultimately decide what service they want or not. Therefore, knowing their likes, complaints, and concerns will help you make profitable business decisions.

However, to know the heart desires of your customers, you need the right set of tools. One in particular: an intelligent Wi-Fi solution that features robust analytic capabilities. Wi-Fi solutions that allow you measure footfalls (traffic), customer in-store behavior, and other user demographics will help you understand your customers better.

The problem is, there are Wi-Fi solution providers that retain ownership of this data and would charge you to access it.

You don’t want that.

Instead, you want to work with a Wi-Fi provider that lets you keep that information as yours. Easy and prompt access to such data would help you make informed, on-demand marketing decisions.

  1. Does It Allow For Branding?

When customers have a need they turn to the first brand that comes to mind.

You want that to be yours.

This is the goal of branding. And it is why you need to take advantage of every opportunity to put your brand in the minds of your customers. As an offline business, your Wi-Fi solution should allow you showcase your brand to your customers wherever possible.

You want to make sure your preferred Wi-Fi solution provider allows you place your brand image/logo, promotional or thoughtful messages on the splash page.

Not every provider allows this. If you receive a proposal from such, run.

  1. Is The Wi-Fi Solution “Loyalty Friendly”?

Loyalty programs are important to building brand-customer relationship. No wonder 75% of American shoppers say that they are involved in at least one loyalty scheme.

Wi-Fi systems and loyalty programs go well together. Rather than saddling your staff with the task of introducing or reminding your customers to join your loyalty program, you could use place details about the program on your splash page.

This will encourage more signups and take the stress off your staff members.

Therefore, ensure that you ask any prospecting Wi-Fi provider if their solution is “loyalty friendly”. If no, kick them to the curb.

  1. Does It Allow For Personalized Communication?

Targeted messaging is one viable way to boost sales.

They easy to put together and have a simple but important purpose – get a passive visitor to consider trying out your product or service. Basically, they can help you win over a visitor to become a customer.

If you have ample foot traffic in front of your business, you could extend your network’s coverage a few feet beyond your walls. When regular passersby connect to your Wi-Fi, they get a message to come in for coffee, for instance. And if they love your product/service, they could become lifetime customers and bring their friends, too.

It’s that simple and effective.

However, this is only applicable if your Wi-Fi solutions spots targeted messaging feature. So, before you shake hands with a prospective provider, confirm this service is available.

  1. How Quickly Are Technical Issues Resolved?

Get this – no platform is perfect.

There will always to be one problem or the other that will come up occasionally. And so, downtimes and capacity issues come with the territory. This is the reason why there are version updates and bug fixes.

While these technical issues are outside your control, you want to know how quickly they can be resolved when they come up.

Does the package come with responsive technical support? If yes, would it be available 24/7? How competent are they? How quickly can diagnose and solve the most common issues and how long would it take on the average?

Asking these questions early on is crucial. What you’d learn from the answers provided will help you prepare for such occasions. It will also help you manage the situation better and give helpful responses when your figure there’s an issue.

With this in mind, Wi-Fi providers that do not offer robust technical support may be a bad fit for your business.

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