Hotel Wi-Fi: The Major Bone to Pick For Hotel Guests

Hotel WiFi good enough Hotel WiFi good enough

Have you ever experienced bad Wi-Fi connection? In this day and age, there are only a few things more annoying than poor Wi-Fi network.

There’s nowhere else people experience poor Wi-Fi connection than in hotels.


Well, there could be a zillion reasons for poor Wi-Fi connectivity. It could be a hardware or software problem, poor management, too many devices, etc.

Anyway, I have identified three of the most common complaints hotel guests have about hotel Wi-Fi. In this article, we will go over these complaints and what causes them.

Let’s dive right in.

  1. Wi-Fi Not Working

This is the simplest and most common complaint. It can also play out as Wi-Fi signal not reaching the guest’s location. This problem shows up as weak signal strength on the guest’s device. This makes it impossible for the guest to access the internet at all.

What causes this problem?

There are a few factors that can weaken the signal strength of your Wi-Fi.

For one, it can be caused by inadequate or poor internet infrastructure like using outdated or weak devices on your Wi-Fi network. For another, this issue can be as a result of not having an adequate number of access points.

Weak signal strength can also be as a result of signal distortion.

Wi-Fi signals can be distorted considerably by appliances or devices that use radio waves e.g. microwave ovens. It can be distorted or completely blocked by thick metal or concrete walls.

As far as solutions go, you need to properly document your Wi-Fi installations. Make sure this document is kept close so that it will be easy to maintain or upgrade of your Wi-Fi devices.

Be sure that all your rooms are above ground and/or you change your internet devices’ setup for it to efficiently transmit to all rooms.

  1. Wi-Fi Being Too Slow

Sometimes, even when the Wi-Fi is plugged and ready to go, it takes too long to load pages. Personally, slow Wi-Fi is more annoying than one that isn’t working. I am sure that’s the same for a lot of people out there.


One major cause of slow Wi-Fi is the Internet service provider or ISP.

Some ISPs provide really slow internet speeds that are insufficient for any use. It makes it difficult, sometimes impossible, to send even small-sized files across the network.

Many experts recommend that each of your guests should have at least 120kb/s of transfer. While 120kb/s is enough to get your Wi-Fi speeds up, you may want to put a lid on the bandwidth. This will discourage guests from downloading large files indiscriminately.

Slow Wi-Fi can also be caused by overload. When too many devices are logged into the Wi-Fi network, it will cause it to slow down significantly. This can happen if hotel staffs and guests share the same network.

The sheer number of devices will cause the network to slow to a halt.

To correct this problem, hotels need to provide a separate network for their staff. This will free up the guests’ network and enable it run optimally.

Another solution would be to use a Wi-Fi 6 router, which solves all the congestion problem. But you will have to wait till its release later this year.

  1. Wi-Fi Breaking Up

In some instances, the Wi-Fi may be working fast but may break up or lose connection frequently.

This problem could be as a result of poor internet infrastructure. It could also be caused by faulty software or incorrect software settings, or the use of outdated firmware on the routers.

Another factor that could cause Wi-Fi connection to break up is interference from devices that use or emit radio waves.

To fix this, setup your Wi-Fi connection in a way that reduces or prevents inferences from other devices. Update your firmware regularly or use modern and reliable infrastructure for your Wi-Fi network.

Why Do You Need Good Wi-Fi?

The first and most obvious reason is that it makes it easy for people to choose your hotel over your competition. Good Wi-Fi will help your guests enjoy their stay at your hotel and will make them speak well of your brand out there.

A not-so-obvious reason is that it can help you get to know your guests better.

Your Wi-Fi, especially when integrated with a Wi-Fi analytics platform, can be used as a data gathering tool. With it, you can collect customer data and use that data to effectively communicate with your guest.

More effective communication will make your guests engage more with your marketing messages and, ultimately, make them more loyal to you. Consequently, this will lead to increase in reservations.

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