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Privacy Policy SpotOn Wifi

Article 1 – General

  1. This privacy policy displays the privacy policy of users of the SpotOn Wifi free Wi-Fi network.
  2. If the user wants to log in to the free Wi-Fi network, the user must first access SpotOn Wifi to the data of his Facebook account, Google+ account, or the user must enter his email address.
  3. Please read this privacy policy and the EULA carefully.
  4. If a user is 14 years of age, he or she must have permission from his / her parents or guardian before using SpotOn Wifi’s free Wi-Fi network.
  5. SpotOn Wifi is responsible. SpotOn Wifi is a trademark of Spot Marketing Solutions BV, based in Groningen at Gedempte Zuiderdiep 124, (Kvk number 65394178).
  6. The free internet is offered by the hotspot owner (hereafter referred to as Hotspot Owner), which also applies to the person responsible.

Article 2 – Collection and use of personal data

  1. SpotOn Wifi stores the user’s personal information when signing in to the free Wi-Fi network. In order to make good use of the service and to offer the service to consumers free of charge, certain information about you will be collected during the use of the service and these will also be shared with third parties.
  2. SpotOn Wifi handles the following personal information of the user in a profile: Data logged in with, for example, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram (Social Media Account, Name, Age, Residence, Email Address, Phone Number, Interests, Like, and Followed Pages ), selected login method, device data (operating system, browser data, language, MAC address, IP address, IDFA and AAID), location data, time of sign in to Wi-Fi network, duration of Wi-Fi and future use, and the data you send via our website. SpotOn Wifi does not store information about which websites the user visits.
  3. With explicit consent from the user, SpotOn Wifi uses the user’s personal information for marketing purposes, such as:
  • Showing websites in a correct and personalized way.
  • To map statistics about user behavior.
  • To give users feedback about Hotspot Owner.
    To better understand your needs (whether through cookies), to better improve services and SpotOn WiFi, and to offer a better performance of SpotOn Wifi, security, and software website(s).
  • For handling requests, requests, complaints submitted via the website or other means of communication.
  • To simplify future login attempts.
  • To get an idea of ​​the movements of all Hotspot customers in their business premises.
  • Comply with the statutory (fiscal) custody and other legal and regulatory obligations.
  • To safeguard and protect our business operations and to identify and minimize fraud, unauthorized activities, claims and other liabilities.
  1. With explicit permission from the user, SpotOn Wifi uses personal information from the user to inform him about special offers and actions of SpotOn Wifi, for example, a newsletter, SMS or Facebook notification. The newsletter contains a link that allows the user to unsubscribe immediately from the newsletter.

Article 3 – Transmission to third parties

  1. SpotOn Wifi will not sell the personal data of the user to third parties and will only make it available to third parties directly involved in performing the service to the user. Employees of SpotOn Wifi, Hotspot Owner and third party third parties are required to respect the confidentiality of the personal data.
  2. In addition, SpotOn Wifi is authorized to pass on personal information to a third party under this privacy policy. SpotOn Wifi concludes agreements with these third parties to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal information.
  3. The user gives explicit permission to make available the personal data referred to in Article 2.2 and 2.3 to Hotspot Owner. Hotspot Owner uses this data to map the user’s visit to his company at Hotspot Owner. The Hotspot Owner has the ability to export all data. In addition, these personal data are used to inform the user of made offers and actions.
  4. SpotOn Wifi does not provide advertisers with information about identifiable persons but may provide advertisers with data collected by SpotOn Wifi through your data and other data collected by SpotOn Wifi regarding gender, age, and other demographic analysis. SpotOn Wifi can use such information to help advertisers and sponsors reach their target groups. SpotOn Wifi may use your information to allow SpotOn Wifi or sponsors and / or advertisers to properly match an advertisement or promotion.
  5. SpotOn Wifi may transfer and store information collected by SpotOn Wifi to and from countries other than the country where the information was originally collected, including the United States and other destinations outside the European Economic Area (EEA), in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Article 4 – Cookies

  1. SpotOn Wifi uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the user’s computer and are read by a browser.
  2. SpotOn Wifi uses cookies to remember the user’s settings and preferences.
  3. The website places cookies from the U.S. company Google as part of the “Analytics” service. SpotOn Wifi uses this service to keep track of reports on how visitors use the service. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is required to do so by law, or in so far as third parties process information on behalf of Google. SpotOn Wifi does not affect this. More information about Google’s privacy policy is available on the Google website.
  4. The user can set his browser so that no cookies are received while visiting the website.

Article 5 – Social media

  1. To log in to the free Wi-Fi network, there are buttons for various social media channels on the login screen. These buttons are realized by a code provided by the relevant social media channel. This code includes a cookie.
  2. The privacy statements of the relevant social media channel (which may change regularly) tells how these websites deal with the personal information of the user.

Article 6 – Change / Removal of Personal Data

  1. User has the right to view, improve, supplement, delete and shield his personal data in accordance with the relevant privacy rules.
  2. User has access to his own profile through the personal access code and password and can always view the personal information. User has the right to change and / or delete personal data.
  3. SpotOn Wifi will send the requested information within 4 weeks, possibly requiring SpotOn Wifi to first request proof of identity.
  4. When the user wants to exercise the rights as intended in the previous members when there are questions about the use of the above rights or privacy policy, the user should contact SpotOn Wifi at [email protected] 5. If the user no longer wishes to receive SpotOn Wifi or partner marketing communications, the user has the right to request this. A user can do this by emailing SpotOn Wifi or clicking on the opt-out button at the bottom of the message.

Article 7 – Retention period

  1. SpotOn Wifi stores the personal data for a period of up to 24 months after the last time the user logged in to the free Wi-Fi network.
  2. SpotOn Wifi is entitled to retain the personal data for a longer period than the term mentioned in the previous member, if this is done on the basis of a legal provision.

Article 8 – Security

  1. SpotOn Wifi will handle the personal data very carefully. When the user logs, the following security features are used: Firewall, SSL, VLANs, WPA / WPA2-PSK, TKIP / AES. The personal data will be protected at all times and treated as confidential.

Article 9 – Liability

  1. The SpotOn Wifi privacy policy refers only to data obtained through a social media account and the wifi service. SpotOn Wifi is not responsible or responsible for (the operation and / or content of) third party services and / or third party websites.

Article 10 – Outside the EU

  1. For technical and operational reasons, data may be passed on (to servers of) affiliated companies and / or advertisers in the United States or other countries outside Europe. Because privacy protection rules may not provide the same protection as in the EU, the user hereby agrees, as far as necessary, that data may be passed to countries outside of Europe. Should SpotOn Wifi pass here at any time, the user will always be informed first of all.

Article 11 – Misuse of misdemeanor

  1. SpotOn Wifi reserves the right to act proactively as well as corrective in case of suspicion of abuse. This means that SpotOn Wifi has the right to store and store all information from and about users as potential evidence of abuse. SpotOn Wifi also has the right, in case of a sufficiently substantiated suspicion of abuse, to request additional information about the user from third parties. With sufficient evidence, SpotOn Wifi may take appropriate measures, including the exclusion of our website or services and / or reporting to the police.

Article 12 – Changes to privacy policy

  1. SpotOn Wifi has the right to change this privacy policy.
  2. Should SpotOn Wifi decide to change the privacy policy, these changes will be included directly in this privacy policy. SpotOn Wifi will notify the user of this change for a period of three months by means of an entry on the login screen. SpotOn Wifi is not responsible for any damage caused by changes to this privacy policy.
  3. This privacy policy is effective June 1, 2017 and replaces all previous versions.

Article 13 – Complaints

  1. If a user is of the opinion that the provisions of this privacy policy are not complied with or have any other reason for complaint regarding the registration of personal data, the user may turn to the management.
  2. For questions regarding this privacy policy, the service or SpotOn Wifi, please visit [email protected]

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