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Help, my social hotspot switches on/off

In case your social hotspot keeps switching itself on and off, you may have enabled the ‘Only use WiFi during opening hours’ option in the Dashboard (‘Settings’ > ‘WiFi’). First off; check if these times are correct. If so, please note that 00:00 till 12:00 defines the morning of the selected day. For example: when you open at 09:00 on Mondays and close at 01:00, the Dashboard sees this as Monday-morning 01:00, instead of Tuesday-morning 01:00. This results in your social hotspot switching off. We’re working on correcting this!

(temporarily)workaround: Disable the function completely or set the closing time(s) at max. 23:30.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

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