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This guide shows how to configure a Draytek Vigor device for SpotOn.



You will require the Vigor 2862, 3220, 2926, 2952 Series with 3.9.0 firmware or above in order to continue.


You will require a RADIUS password and a Custom URL from the SpotOn Support team. Chat with us, send an e-mail ([email protected]) or give us a call (050 211 5201).


Network Setup

Log in to your Draytek web interface and go to Hotspot Web Portal. Select Profile Setup on the left menu.

1 1 1 1

Click an available Index, i.e. 1 and configure the following parameters:

Enable this Profile: Yes
Portal Method: External Portal Server
Captive Portal URL:[CUSTOM ID]/draytek
Redirection URL:

Note: SpotOn support can provide you your CUSTOM ID.

2 1 2 1

Under “RADIUS Server” select the following MAC address format:


3 1 3 1

Click “External RADIUS Server” and set the following parameters:

Enable: Yes
Server IP Address:
Destination Port: 1812
Shared Secret: Ask the SpotOn team for the RADIUS password
Confirm Shared Secret: Ask the SpotOn team for the RADIUS password
Enable Accounting: Yes
Accounting Port: 1813

A router reboot will be required at this point. When the router is accessible after reboot continue to the next step.

In Hotspot Web Portal > Profile Setup click Save and Next to go to “Whitelist Setting” page. Select the “Dest Domain” tab. Add and enable the entries listed here , one per index.

4 1 4 1

Press Save and Next to continue. Then configure the following attributes:

HTTPS Redirection: Enable
Captive Portal Detection: Enable
Landing Page After Authentication: User Requested URL
Applied Interfaces: <Select SSID(s) you wish to enable the service on>

Press Finish to save.

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