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This guide shows how to configure a Cisco Meraki device (MR series) for SpotOn.



If you don’t see the options to set Splash page, Access control, RADIUS Accounting and/or DNS-Based Walled Garden Support under Configure tab, ask Meraki via technical support for firmware upgrade:

Dear Meraki support,
I'd like you to get the access to the features described below:
Splash Page:
Access Control:
Walled Garden:
Radius Accounting:
I'm setting up my Meraki Dashboard to be used with SpotOn WiFi and these features are required.
Please update the device's firmware at your earliest convenience. 
Thank you in advance.

To use these access points, it is necessary for the router to be connected to the Internet. It is recommended to update your device firmware to the last available version. You may choose to configure the device to automatically receive and install last firmware updates.

You will require a RADIUS password and a Custom URL from the SpotOn Support team. Chat with us, send an e-mail ([email protected]) or give us a call (050 211 5201).


Configuring your SSID

The first step is configuring the SSID of the access point.
Please select your organization and group, then select Wireless in the drop-down menu and then click SSIDs under the Configure subsection.

wireless ssid wireless ssid

Then select your SSID. If you want to use an inactive SSID, please click on SHOW ALL MY SSIDS.

show ssids show ssids

Then enable your inactive SSID.

enable ssid enable ssid

If your network is disabled, please enable it.

enable ssid 2 enable ssid 2

You can rename the SSID at your convenience by clicking RENAME.

rename ssid rename ssid


Access Control settings

Click EDIT SETTINGS, you can configure access settings for the network.

access control settings access control settings

Configure with these settings:

access control settings 2 access control settings 2


RADIUS settings

Scroll down the page, there you find RADIUS server settings, both authorization and accounting sections.

radius settings 1 radius settings 1

RADIUS settings are:

Radius Server:
Authentication Port: 1812
Accounting Port: 1813
Radius Secret :
Ask the SpotOn team for the RADIUS password


Set following settings accordingly:

radius settings 2 radius settings 2
radius settings 3 radius settings 3


Walled Garden Configuration

Enable the Walled Garden:
walled garden 1 walled garden 1

Enter the required entries.


Addressing and Traffic

Then NAT MODE or BRIDGE MODE can be chosen according to the network configuration.

addressing traffic addressing traffic


Wireless Options

Select the wireless options of your choice and save the settings:

wireless options wireless options


wireless options save wireless options save


Configuring the Splash Page

Click on Splash page under Wireless in the menu.

splashpage splashpage

Choose your SSID:

test network test network

Use ‘Custom splash URL’ option. Contact support or check customer’s dashboard to get custom login URL:

custom splash url custom splash url

Click Save to finish.
The configuration is now complete.

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