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This guide shows how to configure an Aruba instant Access Point (iAP) for SpotOn.



Log in to your Aruba iAP’s GUI. It is recommended to update your device firmware to the latest available version.


You will require a RADIUS password and a Custom URL from the SpotOn Support team. Chat with us, send an e-mail ([email protected]) or give us a call (050 211 5201).

Network Setup

The first step in configuring your access point is to setup a new network. Under the network section select New:

1 new - Aruba iAP

A configuration dialog box appears. Enter the name (SSID) of your WLAN network and select GUEST in Primary usage. Press Next to continue:

2 guest - Aruba iAP

Under VLAN keep the default settings and press Next to continue:

3 vlan - Aruba iAP

Select External as the Splash page type. Under Captive portal profile create a new profile. Select RADIUS Authentication as Type and enter the following in IP or hostname and URL fields:

IP or hostname:
URL: /auth/vendor/[CUSTOM ID]/aruba
Port: 443

Note: SpotOn support can provide you your CUSTOM ID.

4 external - Aruba iAP

Under Auth Server 1 create a new RADIUS server and add the following parameters:

IP Address:
Auth Port: 1812
Accounting Port: 1813
Shared key: Ask the SpotOn team for the RADIUS password

5 radius - Aruba iAP

If you want to set a password on this SSID you can set it by enabling Encryption. To keep it Open Encryption should be disabled. Finally your settings would look like this. Press Next to continue:

6 security - Aruba iAP

Under Access Rules select Role-based:

7 role based - Aruba iAP

Under Roles create a new profile named “before_login”. Create a new access rule for it:

8 domain - Aruba iAP

Similarly, create rules for all the domains listed here . This is required in order to make captive portal and social login work properly.

Check the “Assign pre-authentication role” option and select “before_login”:

9 pre auth - Aruba iAP


MAC Format

To make Aruba’s MAC format used in RADIUS packets compatible with SpotOn’s RADIUS server add the following commands in your SSID’s profile after accessing your Instant AP via command line:

94:b4:0f:cd:e4:04# configure
94:b4:0f:cd:e4:04 (config) # wlan ssid-profile aruba_guest
94:b4:0f:cd:e4:04 (SSID Profile "aruba_guest") # auth-pkt-mac-format upper-case delimiter -
94:b4:0f:cd:e4:04 (SSID Profile "aruba_guest") # end 
94:b4:0f:cd:e4:04# commit apply 

The configuration is now complete.

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