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How do I get more likes & followers on social media?

When you want more likes on, for example Facebook, SpotOn’s social WiFi can certainly be of assistance. The only thing you’ll have to do is to activate ‘force likes’ or ‘request for likes’ on your Dashboard and your likes could increase by 40% within three months!

What exactly happens? Imagine the following: Merel is enjoying a cappuccino at her favorite coffee shop Coffee United. She decides to open her Macbook to respond to some e-mails. She logs in to the free network ‘Free WiFi Coffee United’  and has the option to login with her Facebook account or e-mail address. She clicks on the Facebook icon and is directed to a page where she’s kindly asked to like the Coffee United page. She can chose from ‘Like’ or ‘Continue’. ‘Why not?’ Merel thinks, ‘I really enjoy this place!’. She clicks on ‘Like’ and happily continues browsing the internet.

You can also opt for forcing visitors to either ‘like’ or ‘follow’ before they’ll be able to continue accessing the social hotspot. Chose the option that fits your organisation best and see how your social media reputation increases rapidly.

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