Harnessing the Power of Data Using Managed Wi-Fi and Automated Marketing Tools

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There is no business market sector where good business intelligence isn’t discussed constantly. This is because of how important business intelligence is to the bottom line of any business. The truth is that good business intelligence is only an offspring of having data, understanding it, and knowing how to use it.

There are such things as good data and bad data. And every business must know the difference if they are to make good business decisions. Good data is data that is accurate, relevant, free from bias, and is actionable, which means it can be applied to your business situation.

Bad data, on the other hand, isn’t actually bad data, it just doesn’t make any sense for your business. Neither is it actionable or useful in predicting future business trends. Data that is too ‘volatile’ can also be seen as bad data. By ‘volatile’ I mean data that quickly becomes obsolete because they were not garnered in real-time.

As a little digression, the importance of having a robust dashboard with your Wi-Fi platform is quite evident here. An intuitive dashboard is instrumental in helping marketers make sense of data and let’s them compare historical and current data. Powerful dashboards can also help you discover customers that are at risk of defecting to your competition and analyse your churn rate.

Now, let’s look at how you can gather good data and a couple of ways to apply it.

Captive Portal as a Tool for Capturing Good Data

As technology advances so will business’ ability to collect valuable data from their customers. Owing to this advancement, Wi-Fi technology has become more intelligent and gives users the ability to collect, store, and analyse data.

Many businesses try to get by with data collected through their POS system. While that will get some data like customer’s name, items bought, and items returned, that information is not enough to help improve your marketing results.

However, using a captive portal you can gather far more data than you can with your POS system. Captive portals can collect data such as name, gender, age, email address, time of the day a customer visits, day of the week, how often they visit, how long they stay when they visit, if they haven’t visited for a while, what time they log in to your Wi-Fi network, and many more.

So you see that you cannot collect that much information from any other system except Wi-Fi analytics through captive portals.

How Wi-Fi Data Connects With Loyalty Programs

Are you currently running a loyalty program? If yes, how do you ensure that your most loyal customers are getting the most out of it? Do you know for certain what your loyal customers really want?

Without the right amount and kind of data, your best answers to the question above will be a bunch of guesses. The lack of data will keep you blind to what your customers may want and would ultimately cause them to take their business elsewhere.

Do you want to know what will work? Integrating data from a captive portal with your loyalty program. This is a smart way to target your loyal customers and to know what they want. Using this data will help create more relevant offers for your customers which they will truly appreciate.

Making It Easy For Customers to Write Online Reviews

Online customer reviews is vital to building credibility. If you provide your customers with what they want, they will be happy to leave you a review. But you have got to make the process an easy one. Customers are naturally ‘lazy’ (I mean no disrespect) and if you don’t put a link directly to your page on a review site, you risk losing a review.

Applying Wi-Fi Data to Automated Marketing

One effective way to use data from a captive portal is send automated marketing content through email. The data collected will enable you send marketing messages that are both relevant and personalized.

Automated marketing gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to send messages on a defined schedule or messages that are triggered by certain actions.  This way your marketing team doesn’t have to manually send marketing communications.

The bottom line is this, Wi-Fi analytics and automated marketing tools are key to really knowing your customers. And the data gathered with such tools gives you the power to provide great products or excellent services that are relevant to the needs of your customers.

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