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  • Top 5 Online Safety Tips for Wi-Fi Users You Should Know

    Online safety

    You love to use Wi-Fi anywhere you find one, don't you? Here’s a lie: the internet is a safe and happy place. Heck no, it is not! As much as the internet has contributed immensely to how we live, work, and communicate, it is nowhere near safe. Digital security poses one of the biggest cha continue reading...

  • Wi-Fi Marketing: 5 Major Pitfalls and How to Prevent Them

    wifi provider

    Photo by Misha Feshchak on Unsplash Wi-Fi has become such a huge commodity nowadays. Most customers won’t even come close some businesses if there’s no Wi-Fi. Business owners have in turn taken advantage of this to get more customers in through their doors. Restaurants use them to keep cus continue reading...

  • WiFi 6 is coming – what is WiFi 6 & is it backwards compatible?

    wifi 6 soeed

    What is WiFi 6? The next generation of WiFi is coming; WiFi 6. This new WiFi standard promises significantly more speed than it's predecessors. But what is WiFi 6 exactly and is it backwards compatible? Kevin Robinson of Austin-based Wi-Fi Alliance has celebrated WiFi 6 as 'the best that you can continue reading...

  • Hospitality WiFi, WiFi Marketing & Analytics

    hospitality wifi

    Hospitality WiFi: WiFi marketing and its benefits to hotels In every industry that exists, there is always fierce competition going on between players in the industry. The hospitality industry is no exception. Marketers at the small players in the industry saddle the huge responsibility of increasi continue reading...

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