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  • 7 Proven Methods to Boost Your Restaurant Growth with Mobile Technology

    freestocks org 570354 unsplash - 7 Proven Methods to Boost Your Restaurant Growth with Mobile Technology

    Do you want to boost your restaurant growth? Are you currently trying many schemes, tools, and strategies? Have you thrown money and bodies at it without getting much in return? If you answered yes to all three questions, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of restaurants spend several thousand continue reading...

  • How to Make Money with Your Social Wi-Fi Platform

    maxresdefault - How to Make Money with Your Social Wi-Fi Platform

    Well, you spent money setting it up; you might as well make some money with it, right? It’s not wrong to think about monetizing your social Wi-Fi platform. Your guest Wi-Fi solution could be a lucrative source of income if you do it right. Several companies like yours are making money enough to pa continue reading...

  • Social Wi-Fi: Choosing between Wi-Fi advertising and Wi-Fi analytics

    Managed WiFi - Social Wi-Fi: Choosing between Wi-Fi advertising and Wi-Fi analytics

    If you have read a number of our articles or are a savvy offline retail marketer, then you must have an idea of what Wi-Fi marketing, Wi-Fi advertising, and Wi-Fi analytics are. And while you are aware that you need to get on board this powerful business tools to boost sales, you may not be able to continue reading...

  • 8 crucial business questions answered by Guest WiFi

    guest wifi

    There are 8 very crucial questions on the lips of every business, both online and brick n’ mortar. In the race for the answers to these questions, online businesses took the lead and brick n’ mortar businesses got left behind. This happened because the internet avails online businesses the chann continue reading...

  • 3 Important questions on email validation

    email validation

    A few years ago, at the dawn of instant messaging (and social media in general), a lot of people thought email messaging would be made obsolete. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Email has, in the face of severe odds, stood the test of time and has gone toe to toe with social media. continue reading...

  • Engaging on-site customers through WiFi marketing

    wifi marketing

    You are probably reading this article from a smart mobile device. A few years ago, you would have had to pay a significant sum of money to do the same thing for a few minutes or an hour. Accessing the internet from anywhere using almost any device that has a screen is now commonplace.In our pres continue reading...

  • Captive portal: a physical landing page for offline businesses

    captive portal

    What is a captive portal? Before customers can log into a free guest WiFi offered by a business, they are met with a splash screen that they have to work though. It usually presents them with a few different options to log into the WiFi network in order to surf the internet. This customized (brande continue reading...

  • The use of WiFi marketing and analytics to drive profits and improve marketing results

    customer wifi analytics

    Reliable data is the oxygen that sustains the flame of every successful marketing effort. And brick n’ mortar businesses can acquire this data through customer WiFi analytics, to be used for marketing campaigns. For years, online businesses have had the upper hand when it comes to getting valuab continue reading...

  • 3 ways to get customers to buy again

    wifi tracking

    It is the dream of every business to have customers do business with them again and again, as this keeps the business running for a long time to come. However, it is very difficult to have customers coming in droves to do business without knowing how effective your marketing campaigns are. The good continue reading...

  • 3 things WiFi analytics can tell you about your customers

    wifi analytics

    WiFi analytics For years, since the advent of e-commerce, brick n’ mortar businesses have struggled in the area of acquiring customer information. Online businesses have always had the upper hand owing to the internet which serves as an excellent platform for this purpose. However, all that is ch continue reading...

  • WiFi 6 is coming – what is WiFi 6 & is it backwards compatible?

    wifi 6 soeed

    What is WiFi 6? The next generation of WiFi is coming; WiFi 6. This new WiFi standard promises significantly more speed than it's predecessors. But what is WiFi 6 exactly and is it backwards compatible?Kevin Robinson of Austin-based Wi-Fi Alliance has celebrated WiFi 6 as 'the best that you can continue reading...

  • Hospitality WiFi, WiFi Marketing & Analytics

    hospitality wifi

    Hospitality WiFi: WiFi marketing and its benefits to hotels In every industry that exists, there is always fierce competition going on between players in the industry. The hospitality industry is no exception. Marketers at the small players in the industry saddle the huge responsibility of increasi continue reading...

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