Advantages of Linking Your POS to A Wi-Fi Marketing Platform

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Information rules the world, especially the world of business. In this world, you make the best business decisions only when you have got adequate information. Adequate information about your customers, your products or services, and your competition are vital if you want to stay profitable. Every smart business person will always be on the lookout for channels through which to garner this information. And also, for opportunities to apply the information.

I have got an idea for you. Have you ever considered linking you POS to a Wi-Fi marketing system? Now that’s an amazing combo.

But, what is…

Wi-Fi Marketing Without a POS System?

It’s an amazing tool. And one every retail or restaurant business should have. Wi-Fi marketing tools make it very easy to collect information from your customers and about your store. Customers will happily give their data in exchange for free Wi-Fi. With that information you can measure things like frequency of visits, duration of time spent in store, the busiest time of the day/month/year, and more. If you include a perimeter sensor, you can measure what part of your store has the highest foot traffic. There is so much you can do with this amount of data like customer segmentation, and decisions about staffing & operating hours.

As you can see, Wi-Fi marketing is a great tool all by itself but let’s look at the…

Benefits of Combining Wi-Fi marketing with Your POS

Although Wi-Fi marketing systems allow you know much about your customers like when they visit, you may not be able to accurately measure their spending habits. Integrating your Wi-Fi marketing tool with your POS system will enable you see your customers’ spending habits and buying pattern. Your Wi-Fi marketing system will import the sales data from your POS. Using the sales data you can measure:

  • Average value of each customer.
  • Lifetime value of each customer.
  • Sales transaction for each customer.

Isn’t this way better? Instead of only knowing when your customer visits and how long they stay, you can now know how much they spend per visit. And all these happen automatically without you lifting a finger. As soon as a customer makes a purchase, that detail is immediately added to your database where you can easily access it.

Okay, so you have all that data, now what? Should you just let it sit in your database and gather dust? Nope.


What You Can Do What the Data

The information you collect from your customers is priceless and can be used in your marketing to increase your revenue. Here are two common ways you can make good use of the data:

  • Improve Sales And Increase Your Sales:

The information you have collected can be used to segment your customers based on their buying behaviour. This will help you tailor your marketing communication to fit each segment. For example: let’s say you have 2 kinds of customers, A and B. Customer A loves to come in every morning to take latte. The other, customer B, loves to dine in on the weekends with family, thus, spends more. You could, for customer A, send an email offering a free coffee if they purchased a meal or buy two get one free. For customer B, you could notify them about a new recipe for kids or free desert if they purchased meals over X amount of dollars. These emails will be quite effective especially because it resonates with the buying habits of each customer. Learn 3 tips to turning one-time shoppers into customers forever.

  • Encourage repeat business:

Dormant customers are frequent in businesses. If you find that you have got a few dormant customers who have once bought from you in the past, you can get them back. You could do this by sending them some percentage discounts on their next purchase. They will come back to buy from you in order to take advantage of the offer. Using the information you have on them, you can see the item they bought the last time they visited. With that you can tailor your offer accordingly.

Customer transaction data is invaluable and can be used in so many ways than we have outlined. But without an efficient system to collect, store, and analyse the information it’s useless. Let your Wi-Fi marketing platform and your POS system work together to help you achieve more through marketing. SpotOn Wi-Fi, a robust and intelligent Wi-Fi analytics & marketing software, can sync seamlessly with your POS system. All the data it collects will be displayed on an intuitive dashboard and is represented in formats that are easy to understand. Request a free demo to see how it does this.

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