8 Types of Videos to Boost Your Brand Marketing and How to Promote Them

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Did you know that one-third of all online activities involve watching videos?

That’s amazing and it shows you how popular videos are to internet users. When you add that to the fact that 45% of internet users watch up to hour or more of videos content every single week, you’d find that video is something to consider in your marketing.

Additionally, your customers are more likely to take action with a video marketing material than otherwise. This is largely because videos are more visually stimulating than other forms of content.

If you are new to video marketing, you want to look at these 8 types of videos that exist. Each video type is suited for different kinds of brands and purposes.

Knowing the video types available to you will help you know what video type suits your brand better.

  1. Explainer Videos

If you run a complex brands, explainer videos is the way to go. Many large brands use these kinds of videos to demonstrate what their products/services do and they can help you. This applies to B2B and B2C brands alike.

As for the length of the video, you can make it as long as you need to be. You only need to ensure that you make it as high quality as you can afford to.

  1. Product Demo Videos

Do you have a product page? That’s an excellent place to put up a video showcasing your product. Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words but they pale in function or results when compared to videos.

I’d say a video is worth a thousand photos.

A video would better reveal the features of your products. With videos, you can clearly show how your products work, the results they get, the materials they are made of, how to use them, and more. Product demo videos have a knack for increasing conversions and getting sales.

  1. Interview Videos

Conversational style videos do work wonders for marketing and that’s where interview videos shine. This video type is more dynamic than most and is usually fun and informative to watch.

Furthermore, you can practically never run out of content with interview videos. Why? Because there’s a ton of people you could interview. You could interview your staff, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, a random bloke on the street, just anyone.

The goal here is to make sure the interview is connected to your products/services and helps to enlighten your audience.

  1. Company Culture Video

Looking to add some human touch to your marketing? Then you may just want to consider shooting a company culture video. As the name goes, a company culture video shows behind the scene aspects of your business.

Simple as that.

You can take this as far as you want to. You can, for instance, interview your best bar man and show how he mixes drinks quickly during peak hours. Or how your hotel staffs handle guests’ laundry. You may even show the farm where you get your raw food materials from. This can help boost the confidence of your customers that your meals are organic.

So you see?

This video type can really get your customers to see the human side of your brand. It showcases a bit of your company culture to your customers, which would endear them to you.

  1. Store Tour Videos

Similar to the company culture video is the store tour video. If you run a brick n’ mortar store, you could make a video taking your customers on a virtual tour around it. This gives them a feel of how your store looks like and what kind of products you sell. Store tour videos can help bring old customers back, and new ones, too.

  1. Promotional Videos

Most marketing video you find online are promotional videos. Ever been on YouTube? You’d find some short videos run before the actual YouTube video plays. Those videos are promotional videos. I’d dare say promotion videos are the most popular marketing videos on the internet.

You can make these types of videos to promote your product. They aren’t too complex to produce and can be used on other media like TV, social media, and streaming services.

  1. Announcement Videos

In addition to the promotional video, lots of brands are using announcement videos to introduce a new product/service to the world. Announcement videos are mostly used to communicate with existing customers, though new customers can benefit from it as well.

It can be as elaborate as a high definition video with special effects or as simple as phone recorded video.

  1. Live Video

I know some people disagree that this should be a type of video on its own. And the reason is obvious – any of the above types can be shot as a live video.

Still, it can stand on its own as a video type because live videos follow a slightly different path. Every other type of video can be pre-recorded ahead of time and scheduled to be upload online.

However, this is not the case for a live video.

For a live video to reach a wide audience, you’d have to notify your intended audience that you’d be shooting a live video. Moreover, people can interact with a live video in real time to ask questions or raise concerns about your product/service.

How to Promote Your Videos

Video content aren’t just effective, they are versatile and can be used flexibly in a number of ways. In other words, they can be repurposed for use in other channels.

Here are a few places you can promote your marketing videos:

  • Product pages.
  • Social media.
  • Landing pages.
  • Email
  • TV commercial.
  • Digital signage.
  • Store kiosk tutorials.
  • Search engines.

These channels can be used alone or in a combination of two, three, or more. You only have to decide what channels serve your brand best.

You know what?

I’m in a great mood so I’d give you a bonus channel to promote your marketing videos. And that is Wi-Fi landing page.

Just in case you don’t know what that is: it is the first page your customers see when they log into your Wi-Fi. You can have a short promotional video pop-up when they log in.

What’s more?

With a Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software like SpotOn, you can tell how many customers watched the video and how many of them took action based on the video.

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