5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relations Using Free Wi-Fi

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What are you waiting for? Are you still wondering if there is any benefit to offering free Wi-Fi to your customers? Data is currently the most consumed resource on the planet, only topped by water and concrete. Offering free Wi-Fi is one of the best things you can do for your customers. It can help to tip the competitive balance in your favour.

But that’s not all. Offering free Wi-Fi can help you improve your customer relations. Customer relations is important for strengthening brand loyalty. Customers that are constantly being engaged by a brand tend to trust the brand more.

And so, without further ado, I will show you 5 ways to improve your customer relations using free Wi-Fi.

  1. Attract Visitors Like Bees To Nectar

Did you know that a free Wi-Fi sign can get people walking into stores or restaurants they never would have entered? You probably have done the same at one time or the other. That’s because people have a deep need to stay connected wherever they go. This makes data a precious resource. It also makes it a really expensive one. And because it is expensive, people will seek out ways to save data.

DeviceScape carried out a research on the benefits of offering free Wi-Fi. They found that 50% of customers would spend more time and more money in a business with free Wi-Fi. This automatically means that your sales can increase by a lot, just by offering social Wi-Fi.

  1. Help Your Customers Learn More About Your Business

There will always be more about your business than your customers know. And you should always keep them informed about new things going on in your business. Your Wi-Fi system presents and excellent platform to help you do that.

Whenever a visitor gains access to your Wi-Fi network, use it as an opportunity to tell them about your business. You could tell them about an on-going promo, a new product release, an upcoming event, or a loyalty program. Doing this will keep your visitor/customer engaged with your brand, rather than being distract online.

  1. Keep In Touch With Your Customers Through Email

For your customer relations game to be solid, it needs to go beyond your place of business. This is where email comes in. With your Wi-Fi landing page you can collect your customers’ email addresses in exchange for internet connection.

Statistics have shown that email is a great channel for businesses to reach their customers. While your customers are away, you can reach out to them via email. This could include telling them about special deals, discount offers, product announcements, and other recent events happening in your business.

  1. Give Instant Reward On Signup

Ever read a self-development or personal finance book that said to delay instant gratification? Well, they weren’t referring to your customers. Instantly gratifying a customer is a sure-fire way to get them to spend.

Say, a visitor logs into your Wi-Fi network. You show him a promo: A free cup of coffee that comes with every purchase of pastry, chicken, or Greek salad. In order to get that instant reward, your visitor will be willing to make a purchase. Sometimes, visitors just need a little push to tip the balance from visitor to customer.

Some companies even offer coupon for a percentage off on first-time signups. This offer is sent to the email and is time sensitive. The new signee has to redeem the offer before a fixed deadline. This strategy ensures that the new signee will visit and make a purchase.

  1. Engage With Them On Social Media

With billions of people on social media platforms, it has become an effective channel to reach out to customers. It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity of engaging with customers on such platforms.

On social media, you can make product announcements, offer discounts, and even share photos with customers. This will help strengthen brand loyalty and keep your customers excited about your brand.

Whenever a customer logs in to your Wi-Fi network, ask them to like and follow your page on social media. Do it while they are having a good time browsing the internet in your restaurant or retail store.

Just to be safe, here are 5 best practices for free guest Wi-Fi access you need to know.

Your free Wi-Fi system is a powerful tool that can turn your business around. But it is even better when integrated with a Wi-Fi analytics and marketing software like SpotOn Wi-Fi.

With SpotOn Wi-Fi, you can do much more than just collect emails and ask for likes. You can collect demographic data, track customer buying behaviour, know your churn or attrition rate, spot at-risk customers, see your first-time visitors, and so much more.

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