5 Ways to Get Your Customers to Use Your Social Wi-Fi Network

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Customers want Wi-Fi, especially when it’s free.

People literally look for a Wi-Fi sign before they walk into a store or restaurant.

Don’t believe it?

Check out this study by the Yankee Group. It reports that 96% of customers say they’d rather do patronize a business that offers free Wi-F than one that doesn’t.

For businesses that offer services that customers have to wait for, offering Wi-Fi is a great way to keep them busy while they wait.

With all the amazing benefits of Wi-Fi, you or your customers won’t profit from it if they don’t use it.

You want to ensure that your customers know you offer free Wi-Fi and access it.

Here are 5 simple ways to draw their attention to it and get them to log in:

  1. Make Your Wi-Fi Login Details Easy To Spot

There is no use offering free guest Wi-Fi when customers can’t find the login details.

Therefore, it’s important that not only should your customers know you offer free Wi-Fi, but that you make it easy for them to log in.

To do this, you can place digital signage at strategic spot around your premises. Use it to let your customers know why they should log in. You want to furnish your customers with the merits of using your free Wi-Fi.

Additionally, you could stick fliers containing the log in details on your checkout countertop where customers can easily read them. You could also have info about your Wi-Fi printed on your receipt, as well as train your staff to encourage customers to log in.

  1. Send Personalized Offers To Customers Who Have Logged In Previously

You can gather valuable data when a customer logs on to your Wi-Fi. Especially if you are using social Wi-Fi marketing software. The data may include name, email, and demographics. With this data, you can separate your customers into different categories and send personalized offers to each segment.

Pushing customized messages will encourage your customers use your free guest Wi-Fi to check for more offers when next they visit. This for sure will boost engagement with your brand.

Furthermore, using customer data helps you to offer relevant product or services to your audience. For instance, you may show different product ads to seniors than you would to younger audiences. Doing this helps to diversify and improve your customer experience while still encouraging the use of your Wi-Fi.

  1. Reward Those Who Sign On

One of the best ways to elicit an action from people is to attach a reward to that action.

Some restaurants offer rewards to their customer for checking in on Yelp or Facebook. This is an excellent strategy that boosts social media engagement and brand exposure.

And so, you could employ similar tactic to boost sign ups to your free Wi-Fi. Rewards could be in the form of discounts or free items like drinks, mints, or small toys for kids.

While it may seem expensive to offer free items, remember that the data you get in return is much more valuable. With it, you can create better marketing messages and tailor your communication with your customers for better results.

  1. Design A Loyalty Program Around Your Social Wi-Fi

Ah, loyalty programs, who doesn’t love them, right?

Well, tons of people do!

Several studies have shown that over 76% of adults participate in more than one loyalty program. And that says a lot about the effectiveness of this tactic.

You want some more social Wi-Fi sign ons?

Then you might want to create a loyalty program around your social Wi-Fi.

You could use total number of sign ins as a loyalty parameter or number of sign ins versus visit frequency. This is only an idea; you can brainstorm with your team and come up with a unique program that fits your business.

In sum, creating a loyalty program around your social Wi-Fi is a great way to run a loyalty program with little or no investing.

  1. Create A Positive Wi-Fi Experience

All the tactics in the world will fail if your customers do not have the best experience using your social Wi-Fi. Customer experience is the most effective (and should have been number one on this list… silly me).

To give your customer the best guest Wi-Fi use experience, consider doing the following:

  • Make your log in process simple, easy, and short.
  • Ensure your network has good browsing speed.
  • Dial back on the ad pop-ups.

Doing these is enough to give your customers a Wi-Fi experiences they will keep coming back for.

In conclusion…

Offering free guest Wi-Fi is one thing, getting your customers to use it is another. Therefore, you want to use this post as a checklist to see what you are currently not doing. The tips given here are effective and will get your log in numbers up in no time.

And there’s more…

While your log in numbers are soaring, you want to make sure you are making the most of it.


By raking in as much customer data as you can. And the best way to do this is by integrating a Wi-Fi marketing and analytics software to your network.

SpotOn Wi-Fi is a software with robust capabilities designed to help you gather invaluable customer data. Using SpotOn Wi-Fi, you can collect data such as name, contact info, customer demographics, visit frequency, amount spent per visit, daily/weekly/monthly foot traffic, peak and off-peak periods, and much more.

As may already know, for your marketing to be effective, you need actionable data. That’s what you get using our software.

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