5 Crucial Questions to Ask To Get Feedback from Your Customers

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are important to your business.

You may or may not realise this but it’s true. Well over 80% of your customers believe online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend.

Imagine that.

This means that businesses can acquire a ton of fresh customers just by displaying the feedback of their current customers. Because customer reviews are a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, and sentiments of other human beings about a brand, they pack quite a punch.

This makes them a very powerful tool.

Would you agree if I told you that you do not know everything about your business? You only see your business from your perspective. Your customers see differently.

For instance, you may think you have excellent customer service. But an employee of yours could be pissing your customers off. You may pride yourself that you process customer orders quickly. But your customers think you take too long.

See the picture?

Customer reviews can be a great source of learning and discovery. They can teach you a thing or two about your business that you do not know. They can show you your business through the eyes of your customers.

And here’s what smart businesses do…

They listen. Attentively and in real-time using tools like this.

When their customers talk, they listen and act on what the customers are saying. You should, too.

This is why many (smart) companies are devising ways to get customer feedback. They are proactive about knowing what their customers think of them.

Customers are nearly always willing to leave feedback about your business. To get the most accurate answer, you must do the following:

  • Ask the right questions.
  • Follow up the customer.
  • Respond to their feedback (Here’s a tool that helps you do this in real time).
  • Focus on gathering insight.
  • Analyse and act on the data provided by the review.


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Now for the big reveal.

To make sure you are making the most of your efforts to get customer review, you must ask the right questions. It makes no sense to spend all that time and money only to ask questions that won’t help you get useful insight.

So here are 5 questions you should ask your customer to get feedback from them.

  1. How Did You Hear About Us?

“How does this question get me a review?” you might ask. It may not necessarily get you a review. However, asking this question tells you where that particular client came from.

This is question is best for first-time visitors.

They may have found you through a random Facebook post, twitter handle, your Facebook ads, a review on Yelp or TripAdvisor, etc. Or perhaps a close friend or family member recommended your business to them.

After going over all the answers provided by your first-timers, you will get an idea of what channel is getting you the most visitors. In turn, you will know where to focus most of your marketing resources.

You could also ask a follow up question like “What made you decide to use our product or service?”

With this question you will better understand some of the driving points for your business. You can then tweak your marketing message across all channels to get the same result.

2. How Was Your Customer Service Experience?

You don’t want a poor review about your customer service hitting the internet. It can hurt your brand image pretty badly.

You may offer a great production/service but if your customers are treated poorly, it won’t matter.

So be sure to find out what your customers think about your customer service. This helps you see your customer service through the eyes of your customers. And if there are any lapses, you will know where to make improvements.

3. Will You Take Time To Write Us A Review?

This question shoots straight to the heart. It goes right to the meat of the matter. With this question, the customer knows what you are asking for. They can quickly provide a review if they are motivated to do so.

Remember motivation could be positive or negative. Customers are more willing to leave a review when they have either had a great experience or a terrible one. Make sure it’s the former.

Not sure about what your request subject line should sound like? Here are a few to inspire you:

  • “We’d love to hear your thoughts on Yelp about your experience with our service.”
  • “How did you do?”
  • “Have you got a minute to share your experience with our company?” “Here’s a link to our Google/Yelp/TripAdvisor review page.”

4. “On A Scale Of 1 To 10 How Likely Are You To Recommend Our Services To A Friend, Your Family, Or Colleague?”

Ever heard of killing two birds with one stone? That’s what this question does.

Knowing your customers thoughts about your business is good. But knowing that and their level of loyalty is even better. This question does both.

Using the number range 1 to 10 make the answer provided by your customers measurable. For instance, customers who choose between 9 and 10 are most likely going to recommend your business.

Those who choose between 7 and 8 love your business. But they may not be motivated enough to recommend your products/services.

The last range 1 to 6 are those you should avoid at all cost. They are unhappy about something and they will neither recommend nor promote your business.

5. What Can We Do To Improve Your Experience With Us?

I personally love this question. It’s sincere and shows you are willing to increase your customers’ satisfaction.

You can please everyone. That’s a fact. But you can seek to address certain shortcomings you may have. You can use this when a customer has had a bad experience and you want to know how you can make them happy.

You should do this as soon as you spot an unhappy customer before they take it to the streets. Ask them to come back. Let them know you are willing to provide better services and improve their experience.

The feedback provided from this question should be taken seriously and acted upon. Customers will love you forever when they see that their suggestions were implemented.

You can also ask a question like, “What products or services do you wish we had?” It is similar to the question above; it seeks to know what the customers want.

So there you have it. 5 questions you can ask your customer to get feedback.

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