3 Sure-fire Ways Wi-Fi Marketing Can Help Salons Recover After the Lockdown

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Owing to the pandemic a lot of countries are in a partial or total lockdown.

This means that most businesses are either totally closed down or are operating under strict health regulations. A few lucky business owners operate from home and have little to no need to use their offices.

However, this isn’t the case for salon businesses. I mean, you have to touch a person’s hair to fix it, don’t you? Obviously this has had a negative impact on these businesses and they need a way to level up or most of them will go out of business permanently.

In this post, I will show you 3 sure-fire ways your salon can bounce back up and start making money again.

Let’s get to it…

  1. Encourage Social Sharing

The pandemic impacted nearly all aspect of our livelihood, except one – the internet.

At the peak of the pandemic (hopefully the pandemic is going downhill), internet use went up astronomically. Since people were locked down, they turned to the internet for information and communication.

This is the opening you need.

A lot of people are still apprehensive about visiting a salon, for obvious reasons. This is the number one reason for the drop in your customer visit. If you want to change this, you have to first allay their fears.

Here’s the best way to do this…

After a customer is done with an appointment, you want to encourage them to share their experience on social media. Such a post can ease the fear of those who were previously reluctant and make them more likely to book an appointment.

Here are a few tips to help you get more customers sharing their experience on online:

  • Using text or email is an effective way to prompt your customers about sharing their experience.
  • Let your customers know how excited you’d be to have them share your experience online. Tell them their friends may find it helpful and that your salon will benefit from it as well.
  • Organize a sort of contest and only allow customers who have share their experience on social media to participate. People are more inclined to do something when they have something to gain.
  • Offer exclusive discounts to customers who share the experience on social media with their friends.

Now this is where Wi-Fi marketing comes in.

With Wi-Fi marketing platforms like SpotOn Wi-Fi, you can program share prompts to send when certain actions are taken.

For instance…

  • You could schedule the first prompt to send shortly after the customer’s appointment. This is because the experience is still fresh on their mind. And therefore makes it the best time to ask them share it. This message can be triggered when the customer leaves your salon and disconnect from your social Wi-Fi.
  • To strengthen your request, you could schedule your email or text to send a day after your customer’s appointment. This second message would serve as a reminder of your request. You also use to offer the customer an incentive to help make the decision easier to make.

Using a robust Wi-Fi tool, you can automatically send predefined messages to customers who have once logged into your network.

  1. Tell Loyal Customers To Tell Their Friends

As a business you most likely already have long time customers. You can use their loyalty to your advantage while they still benefit from it.

For every loyal customer you have, there is a reluctant potential customer. These potential customers may be reluctant to book an appointment because they fear for their safety. To change this, send your loyal customers an email asking them to share their experience with their reluctant friends and family.

Try to target those customers who have been consistent in their visit from at most March of 2020. This should give you a good cache of customers to play off of.

Ensure that their social share is centred on all safety measures you have put in place at your salon. Provide all the details needed to convince your secondary targets of your concern for their health. You could ask them to share the email with their friends and families. And maybe offer an incentive to help oil their decision.

  1. Engage Your Reluctant Customers Directly

Some of your own customers may have ceased to make appointment in fear for their safety. Therefore, while targeting the contacts of your regular customers, you could also target your reluctant customers directly.

As above, you want to send out an email to all your customers who haven’t called in since March. In the email, you provide details of all your Covid-19 response protocols. Include details of your Covid-19 policies and hygiene standards.

The goal here is to let them have all the details you can provide on everything you have put in place to keep them safe. This is so that they can feel safe enough to book an appointment.

Whatever you do, ensure you don’t make your email scare off the people you are trying to convince. You want to write in a reassuring tone to calm and educate only. Also be wary about offering discounts that are too good to be true. It would only come off as a red flag in your potential customers’ head and ruin your chances.

In Conclusion…

No thanks to the pandemic regular marketing strategies no longer work.

Sadly, many salon managers still try to employ them in an attempt to acquire both old and new customers. The strategies in this post are the most effective for the time being. This is because they take into account the health concerns of your customers.

However, to properly apply these 3 strategies, you need to incorporate Wi-Fi marketing.

Wi-Fi marketing will help automate the process. I guess I don’t have to go over why automation is important.

Therefore, if you haven’t already you may want to consider incorporating Wi-Fi marketing into your plan. We make it easy for you to get started and can quickly get you up and running in no time.

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